June 17, 2021


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New Dark Matter Discovery! Einstein Was WRONG! Does This Change EVERYTHING?!

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37 thoughts on “New Dark Matter Discovery! Einstein Was WRONG! Does This Change EVERYTHING?!

  1. Random Video where i look at years, time and just what could happen in 4.5B years, , , https://youtu.be/NZn34_ssft8 Beware it is a bit out there Humans are said to be 300,000 ish old, but yet the planet is 4.5b years old so think about it how many time can you get humans to come and go within this time. . and who said just humans ????

    consciousness = hermetic law + chaos theory. . .
    "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental."

  2. The world itself is manifestation of conciousness, its counterpart. If there is tree hitting the ground and nobody heard it, was there any sound? (I guess I heard it in some Alan watts stuff). My point is mind is dualism. If you define something, you at the same time exclude something else(say what it is not) but those 2 opposite things actually make it possible to exist. My theorem would be that conciousness is exacly opposite stuff to the world, So purly spiritual, non existential, and yet here we are. (propably all monks have already figure it out and its nothing new). Because we are, So the world. Because world exists, so we exist. One cannot be without the other. This is only mind attempt to catch conciousness, that we are. So maybe on level of human body, human conciousness is spiritual aspect of mind, its counterpart. Just saying, nothing serious

  3. I always tell people who claim that God doesn't exist that we only see 5 percent of the universe and the other 95 percent we call dark because we don't what it is. With so much we don't know how can anyone rule out the existence of God or a spiritual world. Everything we know is based off of the 5 percent known matter of which we not only have seen very little but also don't even fully understand. There's an awful lot of room for error. Similar to dark matter and energy we know it exists because of the influence it has on what we can see. I'm not saying that dark matter/energy is the spiritual world but it is an unseen world. We simply don't know enough to start regarding something as impossible. It's funny that scientists will talk about how someone can know enough to think that they are right but not know enough to know that they are wrong when referring to regular people and not realize that they are in the same position.

  4. I think the most important thing we can take from this is space is smoother and clumped. Kind like cottage cheese. Its clear Einstein detested smooth things, he liked things rough, what a freak.
    But I knew for a long time now that Einstein ideas were nothing more than nonsensical ravings of a lunatic. Nothing travels faster than light, really? Seems like gravity is instantaneous no matter how far planets are from the sun. Gravity is not a force but a curvature in space time. Hum? So why is the sun curving space, cause of gravity huh? So the Sun curves space time creating gravity, but it curves space because we have gravity. Any one else sees circular reasoning here? Tesla rules Supreme.He tried to warn people that Einstein was a moron leading us off the path of true science and discovery. "Scientists today chase complex equation after equation to construct a scientific model in their head that has no real resemblance to the true world we live in and the laws that govern us" Nikola Tesla.

  5. The alien spaceships use dark matter reactors to create zero point energy. They’re real easing info on both together because they’ll soon reveal that we’ve harnessed this technology!! 👽

  6. I dont think was wrong -there ae obviousy several dimesions out there we dont know about -they dont know jak about dark matter and why its there so I guess its a wong topic for Russel

  7. The Stranglers have a new album out in September called 'Dark Matters'.Check out the brilliant new tribute song to their late keyboard player Dave Greenfield 'and if you should see Dave'

  8. No such thing as gravity. Tesla called einstein a fool. Einstein called tesla the smartest man in the world. That tells you something. Space as we know it is not real. It may be a liquid. I don't know but one thing's for sure astronomers and scientists have no clue. So called science took a wrong turn 100 years ago and just compounds their errors. It's all a lie.

  9. "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine." attributed to both Sir Arthur Eddington (1882-1944) and J. B. S. Haldane (1892-1964). Given that all attempts to detect Dark Matter have so far been failures, I expect it will one day take its place alongside postulates like phlogiston and flat earth.

  10. Love that, thanks Russell!
    „ … that’s why dark matter matters. It teaches us that we know nothing, except for love and kindness and compassion. Simple Sesame Street ethics. Because so little is known, the things you do know should be promoted to the absolute forefront of your values. And these are very simple and beautiful things indeed.“

  11. they cant prove dark matter even exists… its all lies.. earth is flat and stationary… would like to see a flath earth vid from you Russell, what are your thoughts about one of the biggest scamms in humman existance… great work, keep it real !!

  12. Hey Russell a good book for you to read if you haven’t already: The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.

    Great book that tries to marry the ideas of the quantum universe and mysticism. Our brains are instruments that can only understand reality to a limited degree. Is what we see, feel or understand actual reality? Probably not.

    I think you would find this book very interesting as I did.

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