September 25, 2021


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New ?? Luxury Prison ? Disgrace ? Huge WOKE Slammer (No Bars & IKEA Soft Furnishings)

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23 thoughts on “New ?? Luxury Prison ? Disgrace ? Huge WOKE Slammer (No Bars & IKEA Soft Furnishings)

  1. It’s for the unvaccinated I reckon, the people who are incarcerated here won’t be criminals it will be the normal individual who doesn’t want to take an experiment

  2. I bet Mr McKay would have something to say about this one. Looks like every cell beats Grouty's luxury with his canary and his classical music. My God what an absolute embarrassment the UK has become. Who says crime doesn't pay ?

  3. I actually thought this was a joke. I can't believe it. Why? No money for so many essential things. However as these projects are not only extremely expensive but time consuming, which Government actually approved it and which minister proposed it? I like to get root of all evil. I don't believe in cruelty but common sense should prevail. I do NOT think prison should be better than many people's living conditions around the planet. This will NOT deter knife crime etc. just increase the burden on the tax payer. It's about time that politicians in general woke up to the fact that they are our employees. What happened to Vox Popolis?

  4. This is not far from where i live.The best bit is G4S is doing the security.Half of them will escape within weeks.Looks like a full size replica of Moon Base Alpha from Space 1999.

  5. Alex. I'm a prison worker who has worked in five prisons (none of them are new-builds). All of them have exactly the same MDF furniture and memory foam mattresses. Fortunately, the barred windows are still a feature. The prison I'm currently at is installing in-cell phones and internet connections, with all inmates having their own iPad. All paid for by taxpayers, may I remind everyone.

  6. Under the Coronavirus Act / Control of Disease Act they can forcibly remove people ftom their homes to a place of indefinite detention if deemed "infected" …… mow you understand why

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