March 3, 2021


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New Year Livestream 2021

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5 thoughts on “New Year Livestream 2021

  1. Sorry I missed the stream, but i was hoping to ask about address dusting attacks and what we need to do to avoid problems. Should we download Electrum for total coin control, should we send our wallet contents to exchanges, or should we ignore the dusting attacks?

  2. Andreas, congratulations on your channel and especially on the quality of your content.

    You touch a very interesting point regarding taxation,crypto, exchanges, wallets which i am sure lots of people out there (including me) don't think when they go on creating a wallet (thus a bank account somewhere) and then moving funds between them, swapping currencies etc.

    Although i have a million questions, you mention that you will cover a big portion regarding this on one of the episodes in the short future so i will wait to see what you go through and make notes for new questions.

    My question, that maybe you have covered already and i am not aware is: Are all swaps, taxable events? Even when they are withing the same wallet? For example, changing BTC to ETH to ADA etc within a Ledger device.

    Thanks in advance,

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