43 thoughts on “Newsbud Calls Out 3rd Parties on Challenging Two-Party System Indoctrination”
  1. Sibel's point about the impossibility of a President's ability to make drastic change, despite massive resistance from the real power brokers behind the scenes. The most obvious example is the fate of JFK who tried to buck the system with several 'good intentions' e.g pulling troops out of Vietnam, clipping the wings of the CIA, opting for peaceful coexistence with Russia and Cuba etc. Apparently, he was having secret negotiations with Castro – via a journalist  shortly before the coup in Dallas. Secret, because he was aware of the deep hostility in Washington to such an idea. Hence, no coincidence that he was the last president to attempt radical change…without the go ahead from his superiors.The apparently large support for Sanders was encouraging. Could've even been the first steps in the formation of a credible third party? No way, of course, with Bernie's lack of revolutionary spirit. Or, whatever? (Took 'em near the top of the hill…then chickened out) But at least it signalled a yawning gap for such an alternative.Thanks for another great episode!

  2. Should a coup of a government of/by the people vs the shadow government occur, in the unlikely event an extremely unpredictable president were to be elected and surprise everyone with good intentions, how would the US military fare without it's usual contractors, presuming the military contractors would be finding new employment with NATO or somesuch?

  3. okay, now you are talking stupidly about avoiding taxes. Now I think you guys are out in la la land and have an poor view od how nations with populations function. Sorry, your silly.

  4. What are you guys saying is a solution? We should not have gone into many places. But what is the solution when you have militant groups that fully intend on taking over nations?

  5. I think you guys miss the fact that the mass majority of people are simple followers. Biologically designed to follow. So u won't b able to wake most people out of there sleep. This will b a pain staking long process to inform the masses. Lol! I think u guys r basically to intelligent to comprehend what a normal person is. u guys r trying to teach Trigonometry to 3rd graders. They simply won't get it without learning a lot more math. Your info is great for informed people though. Thank You!

  6. Unless people start thinking seriously about the surveillance state and ways to stop it any economic countermeasures will be short lived at best. 24/7 watch will detect activity and absence of activity. Already movement and patterns of movement have been added. Those who take the attitude that they have nothing to hide will find they have nothing that can be hidden.

  7. The way the system WAS set up men who SERVED as a line holder against the exploitation for which the war of independence was fought; in defence of a new dignified independent human existence stepped out out of duty in a deliberately small government are the epitome of American Spirit of Independence. Trump expressed this Spirit from the beginning and stepped up.
    BTW… I didnt vote either for the same reasons

  8. Sibel… you are incorrect on two counts from my perspective… First, you say that your impatience is "justified" in your opinion, yet you didn't even take the simple effort of casting a ballot for a third party… so how do you expect third parties to gain ANY support if people such as yourself just sit back and say… 'oh, I can't make a difference, so I'll just sit here and bitch about what happens irrespective of outcome… If you don't want to partake in political theater… stop talking about it… don't pretend that you have any great fears or hopes… Second, you claim that by voting people are condoning the actions of their elected officials… it is exactly 180 degrees opposite… SILENCE DENOTES CONSENT… Every political actor is taught that during their first elected office.. if your constituents are silent, they show that they do not disagree with your actions… so by NOT voting… even if for a third party, you 'denote consent' for what has and is about to happen…

  9. Thank you for all your hard work. An Aussie here in Japan who is aware of a person who ran in this last "selection" process who would very much listen to you Sibel. His name is Andrew Basaigo. Look him up. He was a write in only candidate due to the stupid costs involved. If you like I can copy and paste this video to his FB site "Andy2016" to get a reaction from him. You may look at him and say OMG who IS this guy…? But if you were to chat with him you'd find him to be so honest and up front, it might be worth your while interviewing him. Just a suggestion. I'm financially in a state of turmoil personally atm and would LOVE to support Newsbud, and if things get better for me from next spring (April in Japan) I would love to donate to your cause.

  10. I think for everyone to come to their senses I truley belive the earth globe model needs to be exposed and evolution… I feel like those models have been a defining factor in a lot of the illusions and willful ignorance…. It would expose the world governments and systems like schools whos been complicit in the knowing deception and indoctrination on the public… It would show how Russia and China and all other countries are in on the bigger picture and that they aren't these enimies we are taught to believe. Theres more than enough evidence to show there isn't any space to the degree we are indoctrinated to belive or big bang "space travel" universe being billions or millions trillions of years old or us coming from apes… Alot of people touch on the "Illuminati" but its deeper than occultist doing evil and looking towards that in its entirety will expose how they can stay organized shedding light on the devil and demons who's been orchestrating everything behind the shroud.

    You can't make sense of any of this until u research the spiritual, otherwise its all just a mess thats leading to a united one world government with the Antichrist at the head with none believers befuddled as to how it all happen because it will happen but the saving of souls getting people to know Jesus exposing truth is always good at the end of the day.

  11. Yes I agree there's has always been serious indoctrination going on with our corrupt rigged system that requires out of the box thinking to change it. That's why they see third parties that think outside the system as threatening to their corrupt imperial(Pro War) agenda.& Yes I don't see voting for a establishment puppet candidate as creating a real revolution. I think people within the communities are going to have to learn how to think for ourselves & our collective interest maybe from non corporate funded grassroots organizations. & I see technology as a double edged sword that can be used to benefit us in some ways & enslave us in other ways depending on who's controls it. & I think that also apply to the $ system too. I think real change comes from outside the system.

  12. It was so blatantly obvious a (Ruling Elite) DEM/GOP con job from the beginning, with a turkey shoot of evil (gosh ya thunk) Hillary the evil from the beginning, while Santa Clause was (so unfairly) 'picked on'… that only the tooth fairy should have been fooled concerning who the brainwashed would vote for (Santa Clause). Anyone take the trouble to note (our) Senate is rigged to stop all of Santa Clauses (great again) promises… while his cabinet choices tell a complete opposite story???

  13. The best way to end the totally corrupted two party system is through Instant RunOff Voting, IRV or Ranked Choice Ballots. This Duopoly is idiotic, disgraceful, totally undemocratic, so open to corruption, horrendously inefficient and now both parties are dying from the inside out. Like the Soviet Communist party did.

    Even for those who whine that Hillary won the popular vote. In fact most democracies that directly elect their leader use runoff voting, which in this case would have likely meant Trump would have won with the Johnson votes, with 3.2% vs Hillary getting the 1% of Stein votes, with the difference between them only 0.4%. Trump would then end up with ~1.8% more than Hillary. So, in fact, rationally no matter how you look at, Trump won over Hillary. And the most important change needed in the US electoral system by far and away would be a change to Ranked Ballot Voting or IRV.

    With ranked ballot voting you could vote for your preferred candidate and still vote for a 2nd or 3rd choice. Vote splitting would not work, and third parties would get a chance to break open this hideous duopoly. And negative campaigning would be self-defeating since you would lose alternate votes by antagonizing their supporters. In the idiotic First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system the US uses, the easiest way to win an election is to fund vote splitting candidates. So the Romney Democrats funded a CIA stooge in Utah to run as a presidential candidate to take votes away from Trump. And in 2000 Bush conservatives funded and registered Green party candidates to steal votes from Al Gore. The insanity of FPTP voting.



    Bernie Sanders endorses IRV:



    Right now this is a succinct graphic what the American pseudo-democracy really is:

    The March of Tyranny Graphic, by Ben Garrison:


  14. Sibel, that's so terrible! I know your daughter is courageous and deserves to be congratulated on challenging that unthinkable brainwashing. At least she will be stronger for it, but it's such a shame that we need to warn our children about such serious things at such a young age. But, the alternative is sending them in blind to the attacks. I'm proud of you both. I write to the teacher, principal, superintendent, and local board, about similar injustices. one of which is the allowance of prepubescent sexualization. crazy culture for children…

  15. Hi, NB! One thing to add: I'm 37mins in and no mention of reduced tensions w/Russia and end/pause for TPP. I think election results played a part the former, don't know about latter. Also, I don't know how much the Russia tension is just another part of the psyop. How much is the deep state working together across nations and was the war mongering with Russia a real threat? To the extent it was, I'm relieved that Hillary didn't win. As you know, I've been (loudly) against lesser evil voting for the last 5 cycles. Kept getting worse each cucle until finally got the 2 most hated candidates in history. Guess what? The 5 times I heard Trump say he would get rid of Common Core, and hearing a major party candidate call for the arrest of Clinton during the debate, and hearing same person against NAFTA, it was too much for me. I want it so badly, and have been saying that the dominoes will start falling with the laser focus on a single deep stater, I was overwhelmed. Here I am, admitting that Mr. Ralph Nader just voted for a f###### Republican! Woohoo! (I would exprrss it the same way, had I voted for a Democrat, BTW) I think it made me partially insane, but I took the bait and am not perfect after all 😉 Everything is such a circus, with the wikileaks pedo-alien-vote-rigging-wierdo-emails, I thought maybe they lost control for a tiny moment, and I needed to strike out. So, aside from the unmentioned decrease in Russia tensions and pause of another corporate secretly written trade deal, I probably did "strike out". But, for whatever it's worth, I took a swing. I still consider my postering efforts for Newsbud Kickstarter more significant. But, I guess I'm going to be checking out what happens in government in the near future. Like scratching off a lottery ticket. Thoughts?

  16. Sibel Edmonds, with your great analytical views and I'm sure it's equaled with great debating abilities, I'm very surprised that your husband still believe of voting as unquestioned, undisputed, and taken for granted civil obligation. I hope one way he'll see your way.

  17. Sibel, didn't you know that your children don't belong to you they belong to society. I believe there have been t.v adverts saying such in the states…weren't we ignoring the elephant in the room here?….. Anyway I'm with James. Lets stop flogging a dead horse. Bypass the institutions that enslave us, lets decentralise our life choices to pull the rug out from under the establishment. Logically there is no other way.

  18. I think the shadow government knows exactly what they are doing. Trump is an unwitting player. I think the goal is to tear apart the US. Check out the news media's efforts to keep hate for Trump brewing.

  19. High voter turnout for the least liked candidates. Proud 44% nonvoter! Boycotting elections should be seen as another way of expressing one's civic duty by not buying into the manufactured consent, one way or another. Trump's success is seen as a failure of the media, but the high voter turnout says the opposite.

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