March 1, 2021


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NEXT MARKET CRASH: 10 Signs it's Coming

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31 thoughts on “NEXT MARKET CRASH: 10 Signs it's Coming

  1. Market is always gonna crash,,, there is no escaping that,, its healthy,, ill keep investing ,, ill keep putting my money in Tesla,, and when it crashes guess what ,, ill go from buying Tesla shares in stocks to buying em in options ,,, and guess what ,, 20-30 years from now ill be shopping for a mansion in LA ,,

  2. I think many are aware of all this just refuse to accept it and I've been talking about it for at least the last 2 years heavily.. when is it going to happen to be honest I'm tired of waiting this market needs to correct already what kind of future are we leaving behind for our kids and grandkids this entire economical system is broken.. it's all absolutely disgusting to me keeps me up at night.. thank you for the great video and bringing awareness! Just my opinion but people please wake up it's time to sell the market get out of your 401s pay your early prepayment penalties you don't want to pay the penalties maybe 30 year treasury bonds.. protect your wealth! This is literally the best time in American history to be on defense not offense, Sell high buy low!!

  3. Its really crazy that people dont know this. This is general stuff that isnt complicated. We live in a capitalist country and people know more about communism than capitalism. Why wouldnt they hate capitalism?

  4. The younger generation sees ways to make their " bread" in this time frame. Pump and dump stocks . Some make 100 a day , Some more some less.. the free stock trade brokers need to end . Is first step..

  5. Your completely right. But printed money is not back by anything? Nothing but a promise. By 2025 ive read the us gov will do away with currency and have its own debit card system. there by getting rid of " in god we trust" , there by reigning in the " new world order" which is based off money! Not religion! Or family values only money. Hint hint… history in the text books are being deleted. And who has the most money wins…

  6. i've never been stashing cash like i am in 2021. i am preparing for a big one. talked to a few of my buddies in real estate and he said we are in a major bubble right now, even the appraisers know it and they are only agreeing to appraise for the accepted offer price bc they want to keep the gravy train rolling in. he was telling me that in Philadelphia suburbs, home prices have increased by 40% in the last 4 years. homes that were selling for $360,000'ish and are now selling for over HALF A MILLION. it's out of control

  7. Great video! Agree 100%. Financial irresponsibility at any level has consequences and the bubble will go off at sometime. Add that to the current geopolitical situation involving China and you have a really dangerous situation.

  8. 😆 Elon said that before but not now. Tesla is more then just a car company. They are "The.. Tesla" back to transform the world. But lots of people don't understand them yet. Tesla is EV, AI, Power, Robo Taxi & Maybe insurance. All in one. 😄 And goal is to be Affordable well helping and improving. True Innovation is Coming!🚀

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