September 25, 2021


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Nicola Sturgeon ‘Boris Stop BREXIT’ ? Mind Your Own Business & Build A Wall

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50 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon ‘Boris Stop BREXIT’ ? Mind Your Own Business & Build A Wall

  1. C,mon Alex were not all bad in Scotland, please when referring to her please don’t make assumptions that all Scots are of the same mind with same intentions as her cause that’s not true, if you watch Alex Carnie on face book regarding govanhill you will see the mess she is making of a once proud area in Glasgow, she will be brought down in time when the rest of Scotland see the filthy mess and child abuse that’s being ignored in our country ??????????????

  2. If Boris wants to cancel Christmas then we should start the Ban Boris Campaign. London pubs and restaurants should give Boris a lifetime ban.
    The New Yorkers have already done this to Governor Cuomo. He has officially been shutdown from dining out in New York City

  3. Aye it's always the same in this country. If your doing shite and you think the country is doing shite, always and I repeat ALWAYS blame England as it's the English to blame for ALL our woes, and NEVER EVER ourselves (not me?).

  4. Why do English people want the union so bad? ? if they want to be independent than fair enough if that's what their people want. Doesn't bother me, i maybe British by birth but I'll always be English by the grace of God ?

  5. But if we’d voted to break away from the U.K. in 2014 we would have to leave the European Union. It didn’t seem much of an issue to the SNP back then, so can someone explain why it is now?

  6. I agree with most of this but I don’t agree with the “mind your own business part”. Whether the SNP may well want independence but the Scottish people voted against that. We are part of the UK so this affects us. Tells me a lot from that statement what you think of Scotland. Clearly you don’t see us as part of the UK and yet all of England’s decisions still affect us. That mind your own business stuff is bullshit. I’m not impressed.

  7. Nicola Sturgeon; “we demand independence!”
    Also Nicola Sturgeon; “we demand to be controlled by Brussels”.
    Nothing but a useless self-servant.

  8. I agree about euro , but I am not so confident about the 5 eyes situation, we only need to look at these countries to see that socialism is pouncing its way through,

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