October 23, 2021


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Nicola Sturgeon Loses Control Of SNP

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46 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon Loses Control Of SNP

  1. The SNP gets worse by the day. Giving voting rights to EU immigrants while excluding Scots living elsewhere within the UK is unforgivable. It’s a way of rigging referendums to have a pro EU majority. The SNP are blatantly shafting their own people and getting away with it. It’s ok though, sturgeons giving them hush money in the form of free laptops, tablets, bikes, dental care etc etc.
    Why the Scottish people bought into this crap is anyone’s guess.

  2. Sturgeon only wants her name in this history books, her name as the person in history who separated Scotland from the UK. She will then be telling Scottish people it’s now up to you, that she gave the foundation. That’s why she’s not bothered to offer a complete economic plan, she wouldn’t be included into the EU and when the UK pulls all of its military expenditure from Scotland it adds greater disparity between reality and her economic vision.

    Yet I am a believer in devolution for Scotland will be a benefit to the UK, I do fear for my Scottish friends but if it’s what they want the let them go for it. I am positive it will make the UK a wealthier country with more skilled jobs from UK taxes spent in England Wales and NI can only help our own recovery from COVID so if a referendum is to happen let’s have it now.

  3. Has anyone else noticed a shortage of responses to comments on YT? Just asking. I get notifications about new postings from my subscription but no responses to my comments anymore!!! Perhaps everyone has started to agree with my comments, but this would be very unusual!!

  4. SNP WIN AGAIN ? ??????? 2021… I'd like to know your thoughts on where you are going to relocate this Nuclear Missile Sub base that Scotland has parked on its west coast !!! You will need to start thinking about that very soon…. ?????????


  5. You were all warned. The SNP have won the Scottish elections for the 4th consecutive time. A remarkable achievement. When we join forces with the Greens, nothing can stop the march towards Independence. Good luck to Wales who have stuck’ with Labour. And also good luck to England who for some reason can’t see beyond the sleaze if the Tory’s. Well done to the Scots for seeing beyond the sleaze of Westminster.

  6. if we are a United Kingdom and one part of that union wishes to leave, are the other parties to that union not entitled to have a say? Put another way, if the population of the UK is approximately 68 million and Scotland has a population of 5.5 million, does Scotland have a mandate to break up the UK without the rest of that Union having a say?. Where that argument gets even more strange is that it isn’t likely to be the decision of all 5.5 million people but rather more likely to be around 2.25 million. Are we really living in an age when Democracy means that minorities are more important then majorities.

  7. Did you do a specialised course in "How to become an ignorant buffoon and stooge of the Tories"? Or were you born that way and realised that you could be a clown for Tory-boys and
    get paid for it? Either way, it is too late to tell your pathetic face to "wise up!"

  8. Mayhar Tousi… Gets it wrong in spectacular fashion.. Again..
    As I've said for weeks
    Nicola on track to continue control of Scotland ???????.. She will implement the referendum and they will leave.. Let's begin building the coast to coast HARD BORDER and begin withdrawal of all armed forces and support infrastructure and business.. The EU ?? will take control of Scotland ??????? in 2022..lets bid farewell to the people of Scotland ??????? and end this debate..
    Yes I'm English ???????
    No. I don't hate the Scottish people

  9. We didn’t win the referendum so let’s have another vote, if that doesn’t work let’s have another until I get what I want. Nicola Sturgeon hates England with every breath and will do anything to get independence without really knowing what the Scottish people want or listening to them. Last time she reduced the voting age to 16 knowing there would be a good chance they’d get the extra votes. Is she going to reduce it again?

  10. In 2014 Labour went hand in hand with the tories and Lib Dems. At that moment I realised there was no real difference between the three. The SNP get rid of the MPs that are found guilty, which is more than I can say for the tories.

  11. Don't like labours stupid policies but your right Anas is a good speaker
    Hope today the Scottish get some common sense, anyone but the SNP!

  12. I'm never surprised at how wrong this guy gets things …..last poll SNP WINNERS 50% of the vote …..if it's anybody else looking to win they haven't told me

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