May 14, 2021


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'NO APOLOGIES!' Was Tom Cruise's FREAK OUT on Crew Justified? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 684

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25 thoughts on “'NO APOLOGIES!' Was Tom Cruise's FREAK OUT on Crew Justified? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 684

  1. Don't know about everybody else, but 2020 was a year I caught on great shows from the 90s which I too young to appreciate as a child. Hollywood should have stayed closed in 2020.

  2. President Trump needed, at the outset, and more so these days, several very experienced lie detector professionals, and federal law enforcement, to weed out the DEEP SLEEPER CELLS that have infiltrated his administration. Only way to guarantee trustworthiness, and avoid sabotage. In addition, recruit from outside USA — Canadian and Australian lawyers to help purge swamp critters. Check everyone ! No more costly mistakes !

  3. i cannot believe that BLAZE TV doesn't stand up against "Open Borders"! What the heck was that?? We cannot have open borders. The Left wants this in order to push for illegals voting rights. Their votes would zero out Americans vote. What is wrong with you? Please educate that woman.

  4. The appointees just validates what people have known all along, biden's lack of originality and blatant plagiarism of everything from his early years to current.

  5. Totally staged. That bullshit movie isn't helping anyones livelihood 😂. I like when he talks about creating 1000s of jobs like they're actually making a difference in the world 😂 come on. Nobody even knows what movie he's working on. Nobody "believes in what him and his film crew are doing" Nobody wants to see mission impossible 10 while their house gets taken for backed up mortgage cuz the government said they can't work.

  6. Tom Cruise needed to direct that hot temper at the governor of California , and a few shots at pelosi for good measure , everything he said was right just the wrong target

  7. tom cruise ? maybe he is afraid of death ? maybe he is fearfull because of democract propaganda.actors pop stars celebritys are worshipped for no good reason.we have john legends wife weeping over her lost child yet she still supports the murder of children.thier logic is twisted and to be an actor you have to be egotistical.

  8. Should Pelosi, Schumer and many of the other sacred cows of the democratic party go? Yes I believe they should. But to quote a statement once made by a famous airline pilot made: "If you find yourself at altitude with serious control problems, don't change the aircraft's configuration, because you already know the devil you have and if you make drastic changes, you may not like the devil you get."
    In other words, what's the alternative to them? AOC? Or perhaps that Somali chick from Minnesota?

  9. Democrats are like spoiled kids never grew up are confused , always wanting and needy , never happy. That party is full of the most unhappy people living there personal life of misery. The Party of Hate that never changes always name calling always looking for someone to blame never them.

  10. I agree with AOC I don't like that group either. Cruise was right about masks and distancing but he is a hypocrite who is filming a movie in a car no social distancing or masks to make his movie. In truth he should not be making a movie in this situation. For him it's dollars and cents so look in the mirror Tom your a hypocrite.

  11. Tom Cruise said he wanted people to work but social distance because of all of those people have families but he threatened to fire them all so he doesn't really make much sense.

  12. RE: Tom Cruise
    WHO is the "suppressive person"?
    Calm down. I know you don't take pills, perhaps an enema? Prior to that, bow to China by removing the flags of Japan and Taiwan from your jacket in Top Gun 2. Sssshh, Americans won't notice.

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