April 20, 2021


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No More Mr Nice Guy- Robert Glover Interview

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33 thoughts on “No More Mr Nice Guy- Robert Glover Interview

  1. WHOA, stop the press!!! The Red Pill movement is now maturing and we are nearing the end of the current 80 year cycle as described by Roy Williams and Michael Drew in their book "Pendulum"… The feminist movement that has ruined relationships is about to get "smacked upside the head" as men push back to re-balance the current imbalance. When Pat DOES interview Rollo Tomassi as suggested numerous times in the comments below, and the issue of Hypergamy really hits the mainstream (which it would shortly do – no doubt), we can mark on our calendars the "turn" of the pendulum swing (IMO)… My learning about Hypergamy broke my beta "nice guy" heart, and I went cold on women and relationships for a long time, almost like I had to grieve the passing of a loved one as I grieved my desire for the loving relationship that I'd thought was a possibility. My point is, men need to step up, be REAL men with a life purpose that isn't "get the pretty girl" and stop pedestalizing them. It makes you pathetic in their eyes and they despise you after not very long, then leave you and take the kids and the house and leave you paying for it all… Thankfully, that's almost over as men hear the message of hypergamy from men like Rollo. If you're a woman reading this, hold onto your hat. Your "turn" is almost over, and the world is about to right itself and it's gonna hurt… My sincere condolences to you but women before you have let you down and lead you astray and now Red Pilled men are taking the "lead" back and fixing things. It'll be alright in the end girls, and you'll be a lot happier for it…

  2. Regarding letting your children have premarital sex and the whole discussion of porn, this is Garbage. I'm starting to see why Bet David says "don't judge…" Because he's guilty.

    God didn't change his standards. It is pathetic that people who call themselves Christians, act like premarital sex is okay. Premarital sex is still, sin. It's fornication and whoredom, per the Bible. Such will not inherit the kingdom of God. See first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9 through 10.

    Also, don't take marriage advice from a guy who is on his third wife.

  3. Personally have been able to date alpha successful men and I have ended up being treated like trash. So it sucks being nice and then getting a harsh plate of reality. I say be kind regardless. Relationships are messy and circumstantial. Working on self improvement and loving yourself is the best relationship you can have!

  4. Nobody wants to talk about SEX because it's people are not mature enough even if they are adults. Being a nice guy in society will get you nowhere with girls, and you don't realize this until you learn about this yourself.

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  6. Jesus, basically you were a pu$$y. Women dont want a weak man. You have to lay the hammer down. At the same time show a soft side, but the whole "happy wife, happy life" is stupid.

  7. This guy has nuggets of truth here and there but overall he seems like a relational fool. Good luck with your relationships with a guy who has been divorced twice and all he seems to have learned is he puts too much baggage on a woman.

    My wife and I have an awesome 100% trusting relationship and our lives contradict everything he claims. My sex life before with random women before marriage and monogamy was horrible and then with this relationship its only gotten better as we have been married longer.

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