September 25, 2021


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No Vaccine? No Entry! | Pat Gray Unleashed

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31 thoughts on “No Vaccine? No Entry! | Pat Gray Unleashed

  1. Deadly Blood Clots Develop In 62% of People Receiving COVID Vaccine
    Documents Prove Fauci Knew in 2012 That Vaccines Targeting the Spike Protein Were a Slow Death Sentence.
    Russell Brand

  2. Man, really enjoy Dave and the foo fighters. You hate to see it, this is so unfortunate they are sheep. I have a feeling this is grounds for litigation.

  3. The Hollywood Bowl will have sections marked off for vaccinated and unvaccinated. The unvaccinated will have to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.

  4. Can you guys PLEASE start asking questions about Ivermectin. This is the possibly biggest coverup and crime ever and has allowed certain companies to cost the worlds economy tens of trillions of dollars in order to make tens of billions of dollars. This aside from the millions of lives this coverup has cost. Mass murder.

  5. So they suck!!! What do I wear my CV Wuhan Nazi patch to show I'm vaccinated. The foofighters six and are Woke Joke

  6. Then we boycott these people..I remember as a nurse when aids came out..we could not divulge that info and we were not allowed to ask..but covids ok….so throw out Hippa…we are seeing younger people coming in with bleeding complications and cardiac arrhythmias after taking the vaccine…and no one is concerned..

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