July 26, 2021


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49 thoughts on “NOBODY IS SAFE!

  1. Mark If we humans ever make it to Mars, Colonizing it for any race will be the least of the worries for those living there ??? that's to funny. Smh✌?

  2. Our founding fathers must be weeping for us here in the USA and rolling over in their graves. They braved death on the open seas to get here to establish free speech and all our other freedoms here in the USA. Sad that we're not measuring up so well for them lately.

  3. I bought one of Mark's Trump T-shirts and I love it. I love how people look at it and smile. I want Trump back in any way he can get back. The man is brilliant!! And so are you, Mark!

  4. I got banned from Facebook for pointing out a fact about PPP, which I supported with a link featuring a Biden quote saying exactly my point. I have no interest in rejoining, and am not. I suggest others do the same and just dump them.

  5. I agree with most things you say about the far left liberals and the liberal media. They are all very racist towards whites and men. They restrict the conversation based on identity which is very fucking racist and sexist imo. I'm against all forms of bigotry whether it's from the left or the right and I have to say, whenever you talk about blacks, arabs, latinos, indians, chinese, you're so fucking rude man. You might think it's just jokes, but really its something deeper. It demonstrates, at least to me, that you would prefer if America was fully white, which means you have this white supremacist mentality, even if you dont like to admit it mr Dice. That's the one thing I really hate about you. You don't even realise your own bigotry while at the same time your criticising the left for their bigotry towards people of your identity.

  6. I made a fake, throw away facebook account in the summer to look up an account that had information for trump rallies and the only activity I ever had on the account was looking up the rally info and commenting on one post "you should play Donald Trump is your president at the next rally." The next week I got perminatly banned for 'violating community guide lines.' yet I had no posts and only made that one comment… Sad that FB is scared of a 14 year old commenting a song suggestion ??

  7. We all know that depravity is liberal DNA, and I have long wondered what Mark Suckerberg's depravity is. He seem to suffer from blood fatique, so it wouldn't surprise me if it is some really wicked vampire-stuff. Does anyone know?

  8. Nearly 5,000 freed American slaves, many of them missionaries, sailed to Liberia in 1822, supported by grants from the US Treasury. They were sponsored by the American Colonization Society, which supported African-American resettlement in West Africa.

  9. was looking at your tee's and very cool about the warning you put about being careful where you wear it. you are 100 percent correct. i live in NYC so i hear you.. do you think one of the got to band together and love one another libs would of put such a warning? lol dont think so its only in conservetive comment sections i see any kind off looking out for each other. funny how we have totally become all the things they claim they are

  10. Thank you Mark Dice for the courage you have in presenting a sane view of this crazy world and standing up for right. The powers of darkness must be checked.

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