February 25, 2021


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NOO WAYY!!! BITCOIN 2017 REPEATING EXACTLY!! [WATCH TODAY] $20,000 Q4 Projection… Programmer

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GET BSI INDICATOR: https://academy.ivanontech.com/bsi ✅ WATCH LIVE DAILY: https://ivanontech.com/live ✅ SIGN UP FOR TELEGRAM: …


44 thoughts on “NOO WAYY!!! BITCOIN 2017 REPEATING EXACTLY!! [WATCH TODAY] $20,000 Q4 Projection… Programmer

  1. ✅ WATCH LIVE DAILY: https://ivanontech.com/live

    🏆GET BSI INDICATOR: https://academy.ivanontech.com/bsi
    ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell):

    Introduction- 0:00

    Market Analysis- 4:49

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis- 5:38

    ETH Testing 100 Day Moving Average- 10:19

    Crypto Macro Perspective- 11:27

    BTC Stock to Flow- 17:50

    Companies Positioning Themselves Towards Bitcoin- 18:08

    Covid Lockdowns Increasing- 22:05

    Just Trying Already Puts You Ahead of 99% of People- 23:45

    PLU Updates- 28:10

    Q&A- 29:04

    Q1- Who is selling at 13.8K? 29:43

    Q2- What do you think of the French school "School 42"? 31:21

    Q3- Are you already preparing/buying alts for next altseason? 31:58

    Q4- Is it a good time to buy alts? 33:47

    Q5- How important will YFDAI's SafeSwap be? 34:08

    Q6- Do you think that BTC will be at 15K on Monday like Max Kaiser said and that 250K might be too conservative of an estimate for late 2022 or early 2023? 36:44

    Q7- what kind of medium, currently and in future would financially NFTs be made in? 40:29

    Q8- We haven’t heard of NEO for years. What’s going on with them? 42:05

    Q9- Can we say that Paypal is a layer 2 solution but centralized? 42:40

    Q10- What you think of XBTC? 47:30

    Q11- If bitcoin goes up to alt time high and etherium follows should be higher cause it dropped more? 47:42

    Q12- What do you think of Nethereum, Blazor, Wasm? 51:07

    Q13- Are you going to interview Simon Dixon? 51:51

    Q14- Do you think forking BTC is any different from fiat money printing? 52:17

  2. I spent about 18 hours watching LA Blockchain Summit over a weeks time frame. Most of that time was in the days it was happening. I think anyone would get more out of spending time here and at Digital Asset News. So far this is my opinion off of watching just 1 show. 1! I really hate trying out new crypto channels, but for a rare change I like a video first video I watched!

    Now I am aware for ignoring you thumbnails for a long time looking at your homepage, they have been highly recommended by YouTube for quite a long time. I wonder though, with how big you are, if using your face more on thumbnails might tie in with audiences better?

  3. hey Ivan, mostly agree, but I'd like you to consider the term "redefine what it means to be human" is the dystopian term for klaus schwab's new reset. you can take all the goodies from the attempt to create global communism, but also hedge your bets with real assets, local food production and such. didital everything is not good. we are humans, we want to live, and want to be free. bitcoin can do this in the digital domain, but they will try to force some bank-coin down our throats some time down the plandemic road.

  4. @ivan – Market cap means total market cap, not liquid market cap. Liquid market cap is a mathematical subset of market cap. When the coins will automatically be created at a certain time, with zero human intervention/admin keys, there's no question as to what the market cap is.

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  6. Thank you so much from saying that! TPS isn't everything. I wish elrond and cardono would take note and give us something finally other than complaining why people aren't using their platform.

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