September 17, 2021


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"Nursing Shortage" LIE Explained! And Larry Elder ATTACKED! Donald Trump Jr. Guests | Crowder

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22 thoughts on “"Nursing Shortage" LIE Explained! And Larry Elder ATTACKED! Donald Trump Jr. Guests | Crowder

  1. You can count me among the people who will be leaving the healthcare field. My employers are such cowards that they sent out a mass email saying only those with "approved" exemptions can avoid getting the vax. However, the alternative to not getting the vax is getting q-tip swabs jammed up your nose for testing every week. I emailed the head of the board and told her I'm prone to severe nose bleeds and she was STILL not willing to budge on anything. Her email response back to me was literally one sentence long and it was telling me that weekly nasal swab testing is what will be required of those not willing to take the vax. There was no sense of normal human empathy in her email response. I can't wait to leave those idiots short staffed. I feel bad for my coworkers but they are part of the problem if they're willing to condone this bs without walking away. It's MY BODY and no one is allowed to shove things into my body without my consent. The only reason their policy will allow for "approved" exemptions is to try to dodge lawsuit, but weekly testing is not realistic and it's still very invasive.

  2. I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, and in all that time, there has ALWAYS been a nurse shortage. Never in two decades have I heard there has been more nurses than nursing jobs available.

  3. I'm ashamed to say I got my first shot but the nurse that gave it to me specifically stated, don't get the booster after your second shot…. Kinda why I didn't want it…

  4. I work at a VA hospital which designed and renovated 2 COVID wards within the hospital at the beginning of the pandemic. They are rarely occupied and the dedicated staff are floated to other parts of the hospital every day, every shift. I'm sure the hospital got extra money to do this and continues to get money to care for these "COVID" patients.

  5. Larry needs some suge knight security guards lol. That is crazy liberals defend those shitheads being racist and attacking a political figure. Mind blowing world we live in

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