April 11, 2021


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Obama said Buttigieg can’t become president because he’s ‘GAY’ and ‘SHORT,’ new book on 2020 campaign reveals — RT USA News

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Former President Barack Obama sized up the top Democrat 2020 presidential contenders and concluded that Pete Buttigieg couldn’t win because of his sexual orientation, shortness and youth, according to a new book on the race.

“He’s 38, but he looks 30,” Obama told a group of wealthy black political donors in New York in October 2019, two mainstream journalists wrote in a book on how President Joe Biden won the election.

He’s the mayor of a small town. He’s gay, and he’s short.

Obama gave his brutal assessment of Buttigieg months after meeting with the then-mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to offer advice on how to cope with homophobia on the campaign trail, authors Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen wrote in their book, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency.”

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According to the book, Obama’s impromptu comments at the meeting focused primarily on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), arguing that she had what it took to win and met his criteria to be considered a viable president. Warren had satisfactory answers to his three-question litmus test: “Why you?” “Why now?” and “Is your family behind you.” He essentially endorsed Warren without officially endorsing her.

As for the other candidates, Obama acknowledged that he knew then-Senator Kamala Harris, but he offered no opinions about the woman who later became Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. Obama said even less about his own vice president, Biden.

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When reminded by one of the donors that he hadn’t mentioned Biden, Obama offered nothing. “His silence spoke for him,” the book said. The 528-page tome was released on Tuesday, but Obama’s comment on Buttigieg has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, other than the authors themselves.

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