June 17, 2021


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Official Cowards, Financial Scatology & Precursors to Hyperinflation (SOB 468)

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SOB #468 – Official Cowards, Financial Scatology & Precursors to Hyperinflation On today’s episode of Speaking of Bitcoin, join hosts Andreas M. Antonopoulos, …


43 thoughts on “Official Cowards, Financial Scatology & Precursors to Hyperinflation (SOB 468)

  1. There is a really cool person, a Google search for "Walter Bulls signals". He made a fortune back in 2018. Lately, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of qualified players. This guy clearly shows how to copy him automatically using such a service. We got to try while the market is on the rise.

  2. Anyone here that enjoys woodworking, I advise if you need to buy tools, do it now. We've increased prices over 8% with our customers with no push backs; which I presume those in our industry have increased even more.

    One local customer raised 12% and wouldn't back down.

  3. Stephanie's libertarian views are getting old. Americans just need to be convinced again to suck money out of circulation and add it to the everything bubble at the top (tax cuts). That has worked so well. I think infrastructure spending puts money in people's customers hands where it will help.

  4. I'm actually livid… I had NO idea that Let's talk bitcoin became speaking of bitcoin and so have been missing out all this time. I thought you guys stopped making the podcast since I was only subscribed to LTB network 😂 Time to catch up 👍

  5. I feel like this video is great for the 20% of Americans who arent living paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth.
    No alternatives are given as to what needs to be done about the greatest wealth inequality in the history of humankind.
    I'd like to hear more about that

  6. If the fed/.gov has been persistently undereporting inflation for decades, they are also perhaps flubbing about why they had the U.S. senate legalize bitcoin/crypto in November 2013.

    All e-currency had been illegal prior to 2013. The solution of bitcoin is perhaps self-serving to the u.s. government/establishment. It actually helps them, which is why they are encouraging it by letting it go on like this. The fed/cb's and treasuries will never recapitalize by owning bitcoin, they will recapitalize by owning gold. And we now know that Cbdc's are the next monetary vaccine to be thrust upon the population. Is crypto the 'virus'? A dialectical problem/answer that puts and end to pesky physical currency useage?

    Next time you all discuss disinflation and have Mr. shadowstats on the show, please take some time for a discussion of the petro-dollar, and why the 1970's oil crisis, and subsequent oil shortages, were engineered by kissinger and foist upon the saudis to 'mop up' global dollar liquidity, and why this may be ahead of us again.

    Also, props to Jonathan for some great points during this discussion.

  7. I can remember when my wife's parents had an $100,000 18 percent CD back in the day!!!!!
    Also my best friend had a negative amortization loan…..that's right, he was accruing principal on his home loan even though he was paying 18 percent. I other words, his loan principal was actually going up each month instead of going down . F'n crazy.

  8. Until we get a fully sustainable economy's where people grow there own food and own a property that people and bank's don't put one another in debt… We need to change how people live and think! God bless!🙏

  9. inflation in a system that answers to no one is no problem, but it is a problem for argentina & others because they get to face the US, the US is now about to face bitcoin.

    they cant stop printing bc there's more debt than money and there's more debt than money bc they expect more printing

  10. Anton. Please do a video on the dangerous slippery slope of ESG FUD AND why any changes would have made government say if you do that for Shitla why not for government etc.

  11. True. They are SOPHISTS. Larry Summers was paid by banks to destroy GLASS STEAGAL ACT for which we are still paying. He encouraged China 🇨🇳 to WTC which resulted in seven million jobs running 🏃‍♀️ to China 🇨🇳 in 2000-10

  12. Holy sh!t that just encapsulated over explained (and it was welcomed), what I've been trying to tell my peers and whoever would listen really, my refusal to misuse crypto, & even the thought of dumping any crypto to exchange for USD being blasphemous. No matter what "gains" there seem to be. Spot on. 💕

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