May 13, 2021


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OLYMPUS mju ii (Stylus Epic) the best Point and Shoot? (Kodak Ektar 100)

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35 thoughts on “OLYMPUS mju ii (Stylus Epic) the best Point and Shoot? (Kodak Ektar 100)

  1. I shoot dozens of rolls with the Stylus Epic in the 2000's. Really not worth. Not worth spending money to shoot with this camera, only a SLR or a rangefinder is worth shooting film considering how much film costs these days. All these online reviews use heavily modified pictures, what is the point of editing a film picture when using film for the sake of 'analog' photography ?

  2. thank you so much, i just got this camera and i found this super useful.
    were you using flash in the photos taken before 3:00 minutes in or just after when it was getting darker?

  3. Great camera – My wife bought one of these to photograph our daughters back in 2002 and took some wonderful pictures before it was relegated to a drawer because all of her normal film processing places had shut down. I just dug it out today to clean up and add to my camera collection and was surprised to see the active cult following this little camera has acquired 🙂 Here're a few I dug out of Lightroom:

  4. have a question I hope someone can answer. I'm a beginner and just recieved the Olympus mju ii 35mm film camera. I accidentally opened the back of the camera and am aware that some shots might be ruined… My question is, can I continue taking more pictures? I had already taken about 15 shots, and now the screen on the back shows that I'm back to 1. I understand that I might've ruined a couple shots, but I just wanna know if I should use another film or continue using this one until I reach the 36 shots? Any help would be appreciated….Thanks so much.

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