April 22, 2021


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One Sign That The Pandemic Is Coming To An End

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22 thoughts on “One Sign That The Pandemic Is Coming To An End

  1. God I hope you’re right. We’re just freshly going into lockdown here in Queensland, Australia but what I do notice is that many don’t want to follow the mask mandates, especially when there is only 10 cases in a region that is 1000kms wide. Many are just saying, isn’t this a little extreme!

  2. Its not going to end … In the fall millions may die from the reaction to the vaccine. … then they will blame it on an new strain and they will shut down again worse this time and they will try to force everybody to take the vaccine … then the shooting starts.

  3. i never felt fear. Saw this before with Fauci and HIV. Same play book with enhanced communication and more fed control. Should be a serious warning to all citizens.

  4. so did you get the jab.?? are you going to put that crap in your children.? maybe you spoke to soon. gov. is using bizz tio do their dirty work. are you a part of that scheme with your bizz's

  5. I am in nyc surrounded by mentally unstable people who wish death on anyone who doesn't want to continue living in this dystopian hell. I will NOT be a Guinea pig to get a bar code so I can live life again. It is required here in NY to go to public venues. I am now at the point where I'm exhausted and anxious and cry at the thought of being trapped like this forever. If this is what life is going to be now I'd be better dying from this but I won't because the survival rate is GREAT 🙄

  6. I do the same thing I did before the wuflu. I don't wear the mask have immunity to the virus and don't go to stores/businesses that force me to wear political attire. Life is back to normal if you live in a free state.

  7. Yeah Patrick. But some of "ruling guys" are not business oriented and they like to be in the dominance of situation. We have to stand up for our rights and show them taht in the future they should listen our needs above their egoistic politisations and collecting political points on the building atmosphere of afraidness in the society. One of my best friend just record one video on the topic and situation. Do you have something against to watch it? Link: https://youtu.be/692BILxFmp0

  8. this man is a illusionist! …. patrick need to stop selling false hope. it an agenda to remove people freedom and install tyranny…. only fight back can end it

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