June 17, 2021


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Ontario Ministry of Health still has NO ANSWERS to tough COVID questions

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39 thoughts on “Ontario Ministry of Health still has NO ANSWERS to tough COVID questions

  1. Since we the people are not medical experts and most masks don't give you reassurance that the manufacturer is following the strict guidelines for safe masks that meet the requirements, I suggest that the government provide masks to the populace for all size faces that meet their requirements and that the cost comes out of the government's pocket and not the taxpayer's and that these masks be distributed freely to the public at certain areas around the cities and towns at local pharmacies. Additionally, the government should provide written updates weekly on the reduction of cases due to mask wearing backed up by medical institutions designated to keep track of this information. I also believe that ALL POLITICIANS…GOVERNORS, MAYORS, ETC. MUST take a 25% paycut to fund the provision of masks and all research involved in tracking the efficacy of mask wearing and reporting to the public until the pandemic has been eradicated fully…(put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

  2. So, if masks do not have to be worn by people with breathing problems. Why do they not announce this during their live announcements instead of causing all these violent confrontations. They announce that the masks need to be worn to protect the other person and that we will never get through this unless everyone complys. They are causing all these confrontations! Where is the common sense in these people?

  3. Policy is not law. Rules of society are not rule of law. The people govern our doctors and our health officals. They are not our Emperors. Freedom is given away, not taken away

  4. Read an article about vaccine being rejected in Australia because over 90percent of the test for the virus where wrong . India has said the same thing.some Canadian doctors are also speaking responsible telling the actual TRUTH we need to protect these people the government is not telling correct information numbers

  5. Ontario's website on mask mandate the site states that the mask doesn't protect you from contracting COVID-1984 but instead protects others

  6. I thought cops were already overloaded, now they are spending their days giving covid fines. I guess the criminals are following the rules about the lockdown.

  7. I don't really give a crap anymore, I'm selling my house, liquidating everything, ya, buying a chunk of land way out in the country. Not filing another income tax again, not buying into anything the government has to say. In fact I'll be beyond their reach soon enough, stop paying tax and see how fast they collapse !

  8. Nice questions Tamara, I love this!
    Should I use weather stripping with my mask too? Total abuse of power & process including rude & obnoxious behavior by some who are enforcing this at malls!

  9. The entire bases of these measures are fuelled by emotions, no science or logic , We need logical thinking leaders in order to make right choices !

  10. Shut up peasants this is a killer disease that only attacks small businesses, churches ,family gatherings, celebrations. Thank God for wal mart ,Costco, and all the corporations immunity to covid. We don't need vaccines just gonto Walmart and you're safe.

  11. Fascist used to censor freedom of information by burning books, now removing videos is the new censorship, suppression of freedom by non-elected sinister organizations e.g., the WHO, UN, EU, social media, BBC ITV YouTube Facebook Twitter, etc…. Support Tommy Join #ForBritain

  12. These people are just power hungry bureaucrats. This is the first time they have had unprecedented power and they crave more. It is about controlling the masses. It has nothing to do with any virus.

  13. great reporting tamara.
    So, too summarize. health canada can't legitimize any of the impositions they have implemented and refuse to get actual experts and professionals in the medical field to substantiate these dictations.(sounds like terrorism to me) 
    as a Canadian citizen I must uphold my oath to defend against any and all threats to this nation. I am an honourable, hard working reasonable Canadian and my critical thinking and discernment is screaming out to me to not trust these terrorists. (the term government comes from the latin meaning mind control)

    by THE FATHER of creations power invested in me.

  14. This communist uawful abuse & rights & freedoms voolations is getting old!! ENOUGH ALREADY!! Stop complying prople! We are Sovereign & not globialist, health mafia & corrupt politicians slaves!! Pure satanic evil!! These criminals need to be tried & imprisoned!

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