April 20, 2021


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Ooh Baby, Baby! (…a hilarious KvonComedy Rewind from ASU 2013)

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30 thoughts on “Ooh Baby, Baby! (…a hilarious KvonComedy Rewind from ASU 2013)

  1. I cannot reconcile your extremely smooth voice with anything Scottish.. . My husband was adopted and knows little about his heritage – ( his birth sister, adopted w him has done some research and claims some norwegian and some jewish ) but he has a real affinity for most all things very Scottish . LOVES bagpipes, kilts and probably actually would like haggis… .

  2. I think you should start talking about the purpose of life, nowadays people need that more. By the way I forgot to ask, are you a Muslim by Faith if yes why and if no why? I would love to know that.

  3. Also…
    there's a "Park City West" down the street from the actual Park City ski resonrt.
    Kind of a collorary from this selection here. IDK. Also second-tier to the actual main ski hill.

  4. …you fine ppl."
    Like I said, subtlety is a strength here. Deadpan ta boot.
    (most ppl * these days * wouldn't know either…
    well played half-Scot
    Erica in LA
    (Just a stone's throw from the Comedy Store).
    (and, I met Pauly Shore in 1989 when he was the sh*t, he asked me for a piece of gum at Gazzarris night club while Guns N Roses was playing. True story).

  5. I pledge my allegiance to your Patreon but what are YOU going to do for ME apart from radically put me in a good mood, hey, hey, ey. Seriously that was freaking funny AF.

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