Hi guys,

I’m pretty new here and I’d like to tell you about our open-source project.

My team and I are interested in the multitude of AI APIs that have emerged on the market in recent years from large cloud providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) but also from AI specialists (OpenAI, DeepL, Assembly AI, etc.) and that allow us to handle specific tasks: image recognition, translation, audio transcription, document parsing, etc.

We develop an API to rule them all: we standardize competing APIs into a single one so that developers can change providers whenever they want, use several APIs at the same time if needed, combine engines from different providers, etc.

To be transparent about this standardization, we decided to launch an Open Source version where we display the connectors we created to allow any AI service provider to add its own connector or to allow anyone to use our standardization for free: https://github.com/edenai/edenai-apis/ For those who are interested in these topics, I would love to have your opinion on our project and how to nourish it (please note that at the moment, only members of my team are working on it). As I said at the beginning, it’s new for us 🙂

Thanks in advance,


PS: If you can star the repo that would be great and would help us a lot!

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