February 25, 2021


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Optimize Your Microbiome: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz | Rich Roll Podcast

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38 thoughts on “Optimize Your Microbiome: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. His skin is telling me all I need to know about his gut microbiome ? I adopted a WFPB lifestyle from the beginning of the year and flu and headaches are nothing but a memory. I used to be sick almost every week and I got tired of it and made a significant change. My energy levels are always on point and I'm always looking forward to my fueling times coz I now eat delicious nutrient dense foods that are filling. I'm not looking back. Thanks Rich and Dr. B, you're both awesome! ??

  2. Found Rich 6-7 months ago which led me to the Engine 2 Diet book and eventually to a plant based diet. I'm down 30lbs and dropped my cholesterol 70 points back into the normal range. I've ordered Fiber Fueled and can't wait to get even better. Thanks Rich for all the info.

  3. good stuff, some great information but a bit too much vegan propaganda midway onwards
    if you are eating a diet primarily from the agricultural industry it'll be laced with chemicals and antibiotics
    grow as much of your own food as possible or forage it from the wild
    predators in nature have a microbiome and they get it from somewhere, a lion doesn't go chewing on some plants, meat has benefits but you should try and stay away from the lower grade processed rubbish and eat less due to poor farming practices

  4. "So busy learning about thousands of medication… that we lose site" site was never lost, medical students are given the wrong tools motivated ultimately by $. Thank you for helping the change

  5. wait a minute when people live in one area only a certain type of vegetables are available? so how much can you really diversify while not messing with nature?

  6. Interesting – I can't help but think there is a big piece of the puzzle missing with so many doctors, clinicians, bloggers and health advocates failing to address those who live at extreme latitudes (say 50° N and -50° S). Very little vegetation grows at these levels for 4-8 months of the year. Do we rely on industrially shipped and processed fruits, veggies and whole grains during the Winter and Spring? Nothing in me says that can be healthy.
    Aborigines had amazing health in both the North and South eating very little diversity during the Winter (at least this is my interpretation of what I have read, which isn't comprehensive. Please correct me if I'm wrong). The vast majority of their diet was and is (for the ever diminishing few who still live off the land) animal based (fat and meat).
    I can't buy into the evidence wholesale without this being addressed, for it is such a giant hole for anyone living in extreme latitudes. Not everyone lives in California or Florida – Help us at the fringes out!

  7. Wow i had to watch it at 1.25x speed. I was disappointing that such a talented and hardworking scientist speaks in generic terms, repetitions, exclamations, side discussions. Id rather he were more brief and specific in his explanations. Great content tho, just very… time consuming. Im going to read the book for more insight 🙂

  8. GREAT interview! I've been plant-strong since 2010….I flew to Las Vegas from Florida in December 2016 to see my son graduate from UNLV. Every passenger around me was hacking, wheezing, choking…I wished I'd brought a mask. I was sure I'd be sick–I sat there literally with head in hands with a napkin over my nose & mouth …..flight attendants kept bringing orange juice and water through the cabin, I believe to stop everyone's coughing. I did not get sick….so I have to believe my gut health is pretty darned good due to eating so many fruits & veggies. But do I want to try going up against this virus??? Hell NO…so I mask up IF I need to go out and am still working from home.

  9. I jumped to 7 mins to hear about the gut and immune system, then he put me off by talking like masks, and vizors and social distancing is a good thing!!?? For the bs virus.. So I'm done., I can't listen to someone who believes these measures are even in slightest bit called for when talking about viruses?? Does he not understand were it not for Viruses etc humans would have never survived???
    I'll stick to Dr Zach Bush.

  10. I enjoy Rich Roll podcasts and was hoping to discover new nuggets of information about the microbiome in this episode. However, I found it to be nothing more than regurgitation of the same concepts that have been known for quite some time and nothing groundbreaking.

  11. So vegans need B12 and carnivores need supplements so I would think you eat both, then that’s fixed. Common sense. People have been eating me from day one and probably not globs of it. If you watch food traveling shows you’ll see that.

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