September 25, 2021


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Our elites care more about the carbon emissions from church arsons than the actual fires

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45 thoughts on “Our elites care more about the carbon emissions from church arsons than the actual fires

  1. Perhaps rent public or private outdoor accommodations under the reason of community bbq or something unrelated to worship, then simply have mass with a bbq running and at least one person eating at all times.
    I used to use a similar loophole to have campfires in remote areas of public parks. Every now and then the fire dept would show up but if you're using the fire to cook food you can't be charged. Made Bush parties in high school somewhat safer lol.

  2. So the government says it okay to attack and destroy the property of groups you don't like…?
    Sure seems that the government has given the green light on discrimination… Bringing hatred from OTHER COUNTRIES TO OUR LAND ! ! !

  3. Natives- "lets burn down the Vietnamese Church"
    Vietnamese – "what? We both come from Asia and you are attacking your Ancestry"

  4. US dems say they care about carbon emissions but they let Antifa and BLM burn down cities. Cant creat a productive discussion with a bigot.

  5. Trudeau is a complete shame to all canadian but he has Dominion Voting in Spadina Avenue Toronto rigging the election for him to ensure endless number of wins for him.

  6. They are still going with their major agendas to destroy Canada and your energy is being wasted, but still needs are to be known to all, plus we know that you know this is true!!!

  7. I’m sorry to Rebel News. Stop picking up on different venues that are taking you away from the real important aspects of what the liberal government is doing. ???. Take your energies and go for the liberal government instead of aspects of everything that’s going on?? I’m sorry to say this but we’re being sidetracked it won’t help us in the end the real meat is better than just potatoes!!????

  8. Given the role of Governments in failing to protect wards of the State, I presume Butts would find it "understandable" if people burned down the Parliaments.

  9. I am saddened that a supposed liberal government is turning Canada into a communist country. How long till it comes out that Trudoh takes his orders from the CCP?

  10. If you can't see this is being done to provoke and divide you then you're fools It's so fekkin obvious. The cops have nothing to do but they can't find the perps wake up ffs. And what's more it's working .

  11. I think it's pretty clear that the Vietnamese Alliance Church didn't run any residential schools, so the person who burned this building can't hide behind that narrative.

  12. make me so sick actually seeing WHAT really going on in Canada instead of the news that only show you what they want you to see keep up the great work REBEL NEWS!! your doing AMAZING work!!

  13. The interesting thing is i've seen Native Canadians, Vietnamese and other minority groups have their churches burned down. But its been called NOT a hate crime, despite targeting a bunch of minorities, why? Because the religion isn't a tiny minority.
    So the progressives get to discriminate(as usual) against groups they don't like even when they INTERSECT with the people they supposedly champion.

  14. In 2020 during “pandemic” The world is watching Turkish Special forces behead Armenian great grandparents in villages living innocent humble lives. Other Christian nations let Armenia down, they are on the front lines doing God’s work, with Arc Angel Michael and Jesus Christ. King of Kings. ❤️???

  15. And Trudeau who instantly reacts to anything that happens to the Islamist doesn't condem this as terrorism or a hate crime. When he says he's a Catholic what he means is he's anti Christian.

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