July 24, 2021


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Our Favorite Media Screwups: Chris Wallace Demolishes White House Spin On Trump COVID Diagnosis

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31 thoughts on “Our Favorite Media Screwups: Chris Wallace Demolishes White House Spin On Trump COVID Diagnosis

  1. After what Chris Wallace did to Trump at the debate, he should be thanking his lucky star that Republicans don't react same as Democrats. Like Portland's Wheeler, he would probably be looking for a new home. Not Nice Chris!!!

  2. For first 3 mins; Saving this video to show people like Louis Rossman & his "medical technician friend" and that stream of them together downplaying trumps incompetence & mishandling of the virus & lockdown. They extended the lockdown & increased it's pain much more than it had to be.

  3. Y’all really just let the satirist sit there and lie. Slur every conservative that passed through her mouth. Gross. “I really fear…” “What scares me is…” libs lie and lie about this fear. They just want the public to be afraid. Oh, and burn many things. Especially depictions of elk. WTG guys. Don’t push back or anything.

  4. Chris Wallace was too FAR AWAY FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP to be affected by the Covid-19 and is full of it for saying that!! However if he does he should think of all the places HE HAS BEEN HIMSELF TOO!! AFTER ALL Joe Biden was closer THAN HE WAS!!

  5. Are you Chris Wallace the debate moderator is going to call out say the president’s doctors are not qualified! You really in everyone’s last Nerve. But your retirement is real going to go back with a bang

  6. Chris Wallace has had it with Trump. The debate was the last straw for him. He’s always gone after him a lot more than anyone else at Fox exit for Shepard Smith who is no longer there. Wallace always held back, however. This is no longer the case. He’s not playing around anymore.

  7. Scott Atlas " received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and his MD from the Pritzker School of Medicine of the University of Chicago." Where did Chris Wallace receive his MD and is he an expert on coronaviruses? Germany's top epidemiology heading their COVID-19 team is a coronavirus expert who identified SARS back in 2003; he is a REAL CORONAVIRUS EXPERT. We have Fauci who is 79 years old, knows only about AIDS and Ebola, and doesn't even understand memory T cells which seem the key to SARS-COV2 and other coronavirus immunity, not antibodies.

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