March 1, 2021


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39 thoughts on “Pam Popper | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

  1. I live in a third world country and the authority give us a forfeit if we don't use masks, is almost impossible walk around without some one told you that wear a mask or you have serious problems with a 100 usd forfeit even with that I agree with this lady is all about of our character because this is the real situation that we really need to act instead of complain.

  2. Hi Pam thx yu so much for really caring about us! I received your book yesterday Jan 23, 2021. I have been blessed by God from the beginning of this evil Plandemic, telling me something was really wrong from the beginning of the Virus. I fight the tyranny control evil Propoganda gov muzzled sheep, I will never wear a mask! I’m the only one 90 per cent of the time in every store without one, our God Given Right to Breathe! I get attacked By the sheep sometimes 5 brainwashed in a row! I will never back down! I wear my Citizens for Free no mask mandate card and lanyard , everywhere I go! Started by the USA truth Dr, I hand out the Dangerous of the face masks in depth pamplet, that pose the risk to the healthy! I’m sorry to say I hve to be angry assertive for them to get away from , and leave me alone! I am thinking I know how busy you are, but could you come to RI, to promote your book and your knowledge! I feel like in RI I’m fighting alone pretty much! With my daughter, son his girl knowing the evil truth, of what’s going on, I named the Sheep, the gov muzzled Shane Masks, months ago / The Coyote Fear Eyes Mask People/ turned Rude, self righteous, mean and evil! Thx yu Snc Blessings and yur Co author and everyone who helped distribute your Book! Blessings Snc Deb The Masked Unecessary State of RI

  3. A pity Ms. Popper is so woefully uninformed about Germany and the events leading up to and during WWII. To those who've done the hard work of educating themselves about the real history of the war instead of swallowing the false, conventional narrative written by the victors, in the same manner that a largemouth bass swallows a worm, her liberal use of Nazi analogies and besmirching was cringe worthy and only illustrated her considerable ignorance on the subject matter. Nevertheless, her stance on the nefarious and malevolent globalist agenda behind the plandemic, scamdemic is quite correct.

  4. I see where she has her facts and perception in a row but there are actually people dying daily. These aren't non-persons, they are real people. So I'm still going to wear my mask and can do that without fear of being a sheep or turning into a Nazi. It's a precaution and it cost more not to than to. There was a point when that mantality is beneficial but it was early on when numbers were lower. Now people are just trying to do what they can and there's no proven right way and the magnitude of it is hard to even grasp when you're one person feeling fine and relatively unaffected. She's smart and I can see where she's coming from about censorship. However, there's a balance between taking knowledge from as many sources as possible and making your own mind up. So I'm here and open minded but I feel as if it may be a case of like attracting like for a long time.

  5. It is very annoying, the sheep.
    You take the time to learn and research on your own for 10 plus years, in my case, and the sheep won’t even listen or have a conversation.
    They are so invested in their programming they will instinctually argue or scream and fight rather than just listen, look at the evidence you try to show them, and then make a decision.
    They live off emotion and fear, not logic, common sense, open mindedness, empathetically, or critically.
    This past year has proven to me and the elite that the masses are ready to bow down and roll over to whatever the State tells them to do.
    Worse still, they are willing to fight the great people trying to help and spread truth.
    I promise you, people who don’t get the vaccine and stand for truth will be the enemy of the state and the sheep will snitch and turn in their neighbors and family members…..just like the German people turned in the Jews, or the communist turned in anyone who spoke against the states narrative.

  6. Typical of folk with cruelty as an underlying personality trait.. “I was just doing my job” this allows any heinous crime to others by shifting the blame. Is it feasible to quote “malfeasance?”

  7. thank you. like you, I knew about the NWO, I knew things were going down with the UN Migration Pact, ran around screaming that the sky was falling, everyone told me 'it's non-binding', but that was it for Canada's sovereignty. we are now a suburb of the UN's reign. I did not know it would come in a form of a plandemic

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