May 13, 2021


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Paper Children (Niños de papel) | Inside America’s Overwhelmed Asylum System

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Love brings a family together. Will a system tear them apart? Una familia unida por amor. ¿Logrará un sistema separarlos? Every year, tens of thousands of …


32 thoughts on “Paper Children (Niños de papel) | Inside America’s Overwhelmed Asylum System

  1. Fernando, you're such a beautiful person. You did so well looking after your siblings while you were so young. I wish you fulfillment of your dreams. God bless you !

  2. I don't understand why we can not take in these people. All they want is a chance like what we North Americans take for granted. They work hard and take care of their families. There is such unrest in their country.

  3. When applying to the court, One application per Family should be honoured. Its very upsetting to us the viewers to see Families torn apart. I cannot imagine how it feels for a Mother Father Sister Brother God bless You All xo

  4. Fernando should've been the 1st to receive asylum! From a very young age he stood up to care for his 4 siblings…he was all they had and he protected them fiercely. Florida should be embarrassed by their complete lack of empathy & integrity dealing with immigration.

  5. Why are the Central American countries in the terrible shape that they are in? Well, you can blame the United States and European countries who have totally EXPLOITED those countries for several centuries, that's who. It's interesting that the United States NEVER seems to EVER want to talk about The School of the Americas, where the United States government and the C.I.A. and the U.S. military TRAINED Central American DEATH SQUADS who then went BACK to their countries and disappeared (i.e. MURDERED) THOUSANDS of innocent civilians all for the MIGHTY U.S. dollar. The United States has assassinated MORE democratically elected leaders of Central American countries than Carter has pills. Uncle Sam is an international mass murderer who does it all for PROFIT.

  6. I find it very interesting (and, well, GROTESQUE, actually) that the U.S. government is LITERALLY the actual CAUSE of "illegal?" refugees fleeing to the United States to begin with because of what, where, when, why, and HOW the United States has been involved in Mexican, Central American, and South American politics since the 1800s. The United State's own political (i.e. CORPORATE-led) policies such as NAFTA and CAFTA are the cause of all the migration of all these people in the first fu*king place.

    By the way, all of the people you see in this documentary are ALL Native Americans, it doesn't matter what PART of the "Americas" they come from, they are NATIVES! The U.S. government SHOULD pay FULL restitution to ALL Native Americans and African Americans to set things straight … to make things right.

    Since it seems so easy for the U.S. government to conveniently "misplace?" somewhere to the tune of $60,000,000,000,000.00 (That's SIXTY-TRILLION DOLLARS, in case you aren't able to add up all those zeros) … that has disappeared into Top Secret Black-Budget projects which do absolutely NOTHING FOR We the TAXPAYING (meaning: WE'RE FLIPPING THE BILL OF AND FOR THE-LESS-THEN-ONE-PERCENT i.e. the Ruling Class) People while all those political WHORES up there on Capital Shill in Washington, D.C. literally DO NO-THING, then it behooves those @$$WIPES to pay restitution to everyone whom the United States has injured over the last 244 years. Why two-hundred and forty-four years and not five-hundred? Because the Spaniards did not establish the 13 colonies. So, let's start there. Spain, France, and any other countries that have had their crooked, dirty, bloody, hands on this continent can decide what they're going to do on their own. We have our own responsibilities to take care of.

    I'm a fifty-seven-year-old white guy, and all of my Black friends and my Native American friends and my Latin friends of Native American descent TELL me what it's like BEING them. All I can do is imagine. How can I know, except for one incident where I was walking down the street with one of my Black friends (this was back in the mid-1990s) in Glendale, California (near Los Angeles) and were just walking and talking and there was an older White lady about a block away walking towards us on the same side of the street when we BOTH noticed her looking at us, she made a weird face, then she hustled across the boulevard (which had quite a bit of fast-moving city traffic) and she J-walked to the other side of the street. I asked my buddy "Did she just J-walk across the street because of us?" and he said "No. She risked getting hit because of me. Dude, this is what it's like being Black." I was SO embarrassed to be White right at that moment because that was the closest I had ever been to witnessing such irrational fear from another human being. Honestly, it is TRULY grotesque the attitude, behavior, and actions of my fellow White people to be so afraid of another human being whom they know absolutely NOTHING about. It's disappointing. It's depressing. It's truly sad and it's very embarrassing, to say the least.

    I was blessed with the opportunity of having to get to live in Southern Mexico in the State of Nayarit in a little coastal fishing village with some older friends of mine when I was eighteen. I lived there for close to a year. It was 1982. I had such a wonderful time and I learned SO much about Mexico but the most wonderful thing I learned was how amazing and colorful the Mexican people and their culture really are. The United State PALES in comparison when it comes to CULTURA, that is a FACT. Honestly? I would rather live the rest of my days in Mexico than here in the U.S. And yes, Mexico definitely has its problems, it has just as much government corruption and drug cartel problems, perhaps even more so than the United States … except for the FACT that the drug-running situation between the United States and Mexico and Central America is a "problem?" that only exists on the corporate-owned, Wall Street Stock Market-traded (i.e. FOR PROFIT) mainstream media which hides the fact that the Central "Intelligence?" Agency of the United States in co-operation WITH the U.S. military actually FACILITATE deadly drugs coming INTO our country for DECADES!!!

    Then we have the "divide and conquer" agenda of the Ruling Class and their "two-party?" puppet political parties (The RepubliCratic CORPORATE-OWNED Party) which, once again, ensures that the American people (We the U.S. TAXPAYERS and "VOTERS?") don't actually get ANYWHERE with our true needs, since all those @$$WIPES up there on Capital Shill are already bought and paid for by Wall Street and the Ruling Class in general.

    Then there's the Prussian-adopted Public "education?" system which is where we, as U.S. citizens are first indoctrinated to begin with. The first thing we are brainwashed to do is to stand at attention with our hands over our hearts and pledge our undying allegiance to the U.S. flag. If that isn't the biggest load of crap, then I don't know what is. Let's just admit that U.S. citizens are just as brainwashed as Chinese nationalists or Russian nationalists or religious terrorists. Call me a liar, and I'll know that you're one of those people who doesn't have the ability to think critically … to think for yourself.

  7. Jan his age, China because of the abuse she experienced and the middle brother as well..why not Fernando? His life is threatened as the head of house hold (person receiving funds from US) at the time he left. He was show videos of murdered people to scare him for money! He deserves to be here too! This is so sad this is so wrong. Fernando I send all the positive vibes I can to you. I don't believe in a god but I wish and hope that the universe treats you right and gives you what you deserve the most. Your family. The love and connection you missed out on after years of filling a roll a child should never have to. I'm so sorry love

  8. Thanks I used to work in a shelter where they house these kids. Their stories are tragic, sad and very similar. They make the decision to travel the thousands of miles with the hopes of making it alive. To many of them, it's either stay and eventually become one more statistic or take the journey and making it safely or die trying. ?

  9. The United States is not a place to come illegally any more. The sooner people in other countries realize this, the sooner there will be people like in this documentary suffering so greatly. There is a false belief that if they come to the US it will be better but things have changed and they will be stuck in situations like those shown in the film.

  10. Idk man!! I cannot wrap my head around how any parents could walk off andnleave their kids in a country they know wants to kill their family! U would have to KILL ME to get me away from my kids! Smfh i dont understand these parents. I see unfit

  11. I am so glad a documentary like this is finally out for the world to see and understand the reasons why Central American immigrants embark on a long, perilous journey to reach the United States, perhaps unaware of the predicament that awaits them on the road to and within the US borders. I am rooting for Fernando for his asylum petition to be finally granted. I congratulate everyone involved in this outstanding documentary!

  12. By any tiny chance does anyone know what happened to Fernando?, I pray he got approved eventually, he is his siblings rock, okay Fernando that dull aching feeling with no Joy shall pass, definitely would be diagnosed as.clinical depression here there is no such thing as "Get a grip" but things do get easier I promise. This is Satan's world but God is working hard to take the earth back and when he does you shall have the best. Hugs to you x remember to put yourself first sometimes instead.of last your family won't mind.

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