April 22, 2021


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Paper Children (Niños de papel) | Love brings a family together. Will a system tear them apart?

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Every year, tens of thousands of unaccompanied children flee violence in Central America to seek asylum in the US. The journey is never easy– and once they …


17 thoughts on “Paper Children (Niños de papel) | Love brings a family together. Will a system tear them apart?

  1. Wow, I am looking forward to seeing this documentary =) It is very easy for some people to just look the other way and not even take the time to understand why is it that others want to be in the USA and have the opportunities that any American has – It is such a privilege for an immigrant that they truly cherish to work so hard to maintain a family and overcome any obstacle for the wellbeing of all those around them and for the ones they left in their homeland – a fight to continue on each day – People also forget that each individual has a different situation and perhaps some have immigrated legally yet others have not been so lucky to do so having to flee for many reasons at that particular time – they have no choice.

  2. Many countries divide and strip families (overtly or otherwise) with systems that are designed to do just that for money and power. Others simply kill dissenters whose loved ones then live in fear. I would like to hear about a country that doesn't and how come it's still on this planet?

  3. The US is a country of immigrants who fled somewhere to make a better life. These children are fleeing violence and death. They want to contribute to our country the same way our ancestors who immigrated here did. Hopefully this documentary will contribute a dose of humanity to the conversation around immigration due to the violence in Central America.

  4. They are welfare lovers and proud Mexicans, they don't belong in the United States. This isn't Mexico and these people still speaking Spanish and waving their flags generations in. They flee their crappy country to make ours the same. I don't care for their children and either do they if you know what they do to those kids on the way to the border. Bet that scumbag lady never tried to become an actual member of our society. She probably thinks we should change this country just for her.

  5. Looking forward to this documentary! Given the current social climate in the US, it is something that cannot be missed! All thoughts going to the people going through these hellish situations for a better life!

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