April 10, 2021


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Pastor CHARGED for organizing a PROTEST in Manitoba

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30 thoughts on “Pastor CHARGED for organizing a PROTEST in Manitoba

  1. It’s outrageous! All these people just doing their jobs have no integrity. Nothing more than nazis. Shame on anyone who voted for this government! Shame. You give up freedom for a welfare check! Pathetic!

  2. The police were to be strong men; in whom we can trust to protect us…….. where are they…….. they protect the very government system that supports the activists that call to defund the police…. it's absolute insanity! We are on your side police, this system doesn't care if you have to do twice the work with half the funding… WAKE UP!

  3. The job of the police is to enforce the law, regardless of their personal views on it. The job of the court system is to determine whether the specific charge is justified under the law, and/or whether the specific law is justified under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms. I'm not a fan of these stupid charges as much as the next guy, but to put the blame on cops is wrong.

    INB4 "Bootlicker"

  4. I can't believe people are so upset over this , they obviously haven't lose a love one to covid! Rebel is just spreading propaganda now. No one say you can't have church and prayers , just live stream it like every one else has being doing only lose is the money not going into the collection plate starting to look like god is about money not saving people! if you would start to follow the recommendations then government would have to make it mandatory . if you don.t believe in covid just look south of the border, if you want to over load your health system then expects higher tax's to pay for it down the road which again means less in the collection plate . The health system is try to help people and looks like this church is try to hurt people!

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