September 25, 2021


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20 thoughts on “PCR Hustle (YouTube Trailer)

  1. There is nothing funny about a nation going in to lock-down doctor; lose the wink Doc. Pretty soon they'll be locking you up and I'm sure you won't find it humorous.

  2. True story:

    Coworker took a plane trip to Atlanta, stayed a week visiting family.

    Week or so after returning home she felt ill – sore throat, headache, trouble breathing, (she is diagnosed with adult asthma already) – which worsened to warrant an ER visit and staying there being placed on oxygen.

    While in the hospital her Mother, who was in her 80's – having had current dementia and blood pressure issues – was also transported to the hospital.

    The day she was to be released, coworker was informed that her Mother had passed away; her diagnosis being determined as caused by, heart failure from c-v-one-nine complications.

    After coworker's Mother's viewing and funeral.., some weeks later she decided to go and get v-c'd, first and second.

    After 7 weeks to 2.5 months later I texted her to check on her – she wasn't answering calls, why? She was in a very long line getting tested for c-v-one-nine again.

  3. Well, just a note that the Atlantic Magazine, a very liberal and pro . . Publication just published an article based on a Harvard study of 50, 000 …..hospitalizations attributed to ….
    Seems 48% were asymptomatic and the rest with mild symptoms, no data on comorbidities or the other reasons causing their hospitalisation.
    WHAT ? !
    This means in the US , these medical institutions were allowed to charge premiums for these admissions without looking at actual illness.
    Some might call that fraud.
    Some might call the hospitalization figures fraud as well as they are used to justify draconian measures against the population .
    Guess " Follow the Science " has always been about " Follow the money " !

  4. I thought that by now you guys should have understood that all the theater has nothing to do with science. It's about control, and more control is on the way. It's as simple as that. They hold the governments the media the police the military the secret services, we live in a dictatorship under the illusion that we were/are free, no we have never been free and now it's only another step towards a total submission and slavery of humanity. The only question is what steps we could take to get out of the situation. Sitting here and complaining wouldn't help.

  5. Hello Clarice.
    It didn't take me long to be a Brain Surgeon. You know it's a very enjoyable profession and my client list nowadays is mainly (yumo) politicians, doctors, and MSM employees advertising COVID19.
    You see, they enter into my medical establishment asking how after they've had my type of brain surgery,
    the bad memories of their COVID19 medical practices would be removed.
    They're main (yum) concern now is after a patient is diagnosed with COVID19 from a PCR Test, then chucked (delight) into a hospital, and given a dose of remdoesivir (ding ding) that this scenario contributed to an unsavoury medical program. Yeah, it's a bad memory for them because at least a third to half of those given this injection perished.
    They required this type of drama to make things worse and make the stock yard more obedient. Alas, like those things that are buried belong to the past, my clientele's practices can't be forgotten and they require special treatment. Hey I can hear a patient now recovering after brain surgery that claimed to be a prime minister of your country.
    I better see how they're recovering.
    Clarice, there are no obstacles.
    Thank you.

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