April 20, 2021


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Pelosi Gets Desperate, Points to Popular Vote As Dems RAGE About Their Election Failure

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39 thoughts on “Pelosi Gets Desperate, Points to Popular Vote As Dems RAGE About Their Election Failure

  1. Only like 3 Republicans were on the ballot for me including Trump. No mandate just voted when only democrats were on the ticket. Once again Pelosi isn't giving the full truth. Typical 👹🐀.

  2. WHAT is the mask for? …bet she sleeps with it and now has to get her haor cut them clipping around her ears 🤣😂😅😆😁 too. Too bad she has togive up eating her icecream…the ONLY think that kept her brain from OVERLOAD! SHE IS Sooooooooooooooooooo Full of it 🤪

  3. May I add,you have these crooked judges that's in this fraud mess,who has put ppl in jail for doing fraud nd stealing.Then some of them turn around nd do the same crime nd worst nd Thank they're gonna go free.Been doing this fraud mess for year's nd gotten away with it but not this time bc God is exposing these crooked ppl nd he's not done exposing just wait till the explosion completely unveil.People like Biden,Nancy,Obama,Hillary nd such sitting back bc they thank their safe Not!

  4. Notice she doesn't have bidets "numbers" on there? Because then people could see the huge discrepancy in the numbers democrats won and Republicans won, vs the numbers between Biden and trump. Where are those missing 10-12 million votes?

  5. Imagine sitting on the throne of Ultimate Liar and claiming that the cheating lie equals winning!??!!
    Even bringing out the poster visual boards as though she’s in front of kindergarten kids. Which honestly, 🤷🏼‍♀️ she is.
    Nothing to see here!! Look over there!!

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