June 14, 2021


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Perfect BTC Trading Scenario (How to Short Bitcoin Tutorial)

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47 thoughts on “Perfect BTC Trading Scenario (How to Short Bitcoin Tutorial)

  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

  2. Do you short with Inverse Perpetual or with USDT Perpetual? I think you missed that very important info for newbies. You should do a live trading position (long or short) to show your viewers in real time. Then you will gain your credibility back.

  3. Don't wait to buy stocks. Buy stocks and wait." The best time to start investment is now. Stocks doesn't matter if a Republican is in power or a Democrat. Increase your portfolio

  4. Elon is playing with the system. No other way to cut it. Does anyone really think that a wealthy businessman like Elon would risk investing BILLIONS in Bitcoin without first doing the research and knowing how much energy Bitcoin mining is using? I'm calling bull because no, he wouldn't have. He already knew it. Two things, if power consumption was an issue he would leave Tesla because if only 30% of the country drove Tesla it would put more energy pressure on the power grid than mining Bitcoin. But it won't kill Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn't need Elon. It was designed to not need such people as it is decentralized which is why I know what I know today regardless of the current market (bulls or bears). I didn't think it was possible to earn regularly in tradlng until I came across the Raymond Tragre Howard's program for investors / newbies who need to understand how trading works, I made over 6.4 BTC with help from Raymond, He stands out for its experienced skills in the field. Here are his details on Ꭲ Ꭼ Ꮮ Ꭼ Ꮆ Ꮢ 𐋎 M << [@raymondtregrecrypto] >>

  5. What’s the one thing that’s changed about bitcoin in the last few years? It’s the amount of money and bitcoin being removed by leverage. Bitcoin needs faithful buyers and leverage is removing a very high volume of faithful buyers. There has been leverage for a longtime but the scale of it has drastically changed. Leverage is what caused bitcoin to fall to these low levels. It has caused serious damage to the entire crypto ecosystem.

  6. Love me some FEG!! Ability to stake and wrap! Earning passive income is the way to live. FEGex all the way! 1000x!!! Quality project. Forget the meme coins and get on with FEG. 👑👑🦍🦍🚀🚀

  7. Everyone hating on Bitboy. It’s his money he can do whatever he wants to with it. He’s made 7 figures in this market. Have you ? Leave this dude alone. Obviously he knows a lil something about the market for him to turn a safer route in the time being . How you think he made 7Figs ? By holding till it went back down to his current investment.? He held till a it was time to sell. Or he continued to take profits on the way up . F*** Haters

  8. Just unfollow him. Guy just promote Bybit and want you to trade so they can get commission. Not really care if you lost money. Do not support this kind of promotions!

  9. I got your back in this arena BitBoy! This disappoints me with all these "Turn Coat" follower/comments! Who hasn't already looked up how to short yet? Who knows tomorrow? BitBoy is one of many people I follow for Crypto info. Have y'all forgot how much he's helped you out far? Must have. These are tutorial videos, remember that folks.

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