October 23, 2021


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Peter Hitchens: Hysterical reaction to Covid19 & public support of lockdown is scary & dangerous

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26 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens: Hysterical reaction to Covid19 & public support of lockdown is scary & dangerous

  1. I'm very concerned by the apparent large uplift in joint army – police training that is taking place in my area. What is the government expecting? Maybe I'm paranoid.

  2. If you are going with your family in your car the police enforces you for everyone to put on masks. As a doctor, I advise them that it is of no us, rather it is harmful, we are told that this is the rule.
    If you just wanted to enslave us, then imposing a harmless rule, like, everyone in the city to put up a tail behind, maybe enforced.
    Being a doctor from India, we find some rules are absolutely without logic to the point of stupidity

  3. listening to the big argument, and trying to park blame somewhere, how about the huge Medea hype constantly going on about it every minute of the day? also, the common phrase, will it or does it, instead of broadcasting the true news facts? the huge problem we all have is listening to our daily quota of news, trying to believe the truth from the ullshitb. ps, the huge losses by the big corporate world. let them eat cake springs to mind.

  4. i notice most of these comments are 2 months ago. In light of what is going on the US I wonder what people think now about lockdown? Was it still unneccessary?

  5. Hitchens is wrong about the tax base and bankruptcy. No taxes pay for anything except for council tax and even then its a minimal. A country that has its own currency cannot go bankrupt.

  6. "People are afraid of what they can't see."
    That's exactly why I called the virus "the boogeyman" pretty much from the start. It's faceless, it can't be seen and it COULD BE anywhere and everywhere, just waiting to snatch your loved ones away from you.

  7. This excuse for a government are incapable of LEADERSHIP. The British public are not fools and are beggining to call all this madness. Social distancing will not work without draconian policing and even if it did, it will set men against men and worsen the situation.

  8. computer models of things are open to human manipulation and there is no way for the ordinary person on the street to know how true such figures are and thus should never be trusted or taken at face value.

  9. We don't see the bus coming that knocks us down, we don't see the cancer being created by sitting in the sun, we sit about and don't realise the harm that lack of exercise does to our health. The only way we can deal with fear is through education and the governments have spent years dumbing this down.

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg X2/day 5days + Zinc (supplement) +

    Early Treatment CURES Covid 19. Reports from doctors IN THE FIELD (not just a “clinical study”) 2333 patients show a 99.2% success rate after discounting patient deaths due to treatment far too late. (American Association of Physicians and Surgeons).

    That makes "HCQ+Zinc+Early cures Covid19" a LAW.

    Vaccines are just THEORY.

    HCQ LAW kills Vaccine THEORY

    “LAW” (above) means a Law whereby a Theory is tested to a degree that it becomes a Law of Science and no longer remains a Theory. NHS and Hancock know this.

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