April 20, 2021


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Peter Hitchens: If government had proper scrutiny from media and MPs it would be ‘shivering in fear’

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Columnist Peter Hitchens has accused the media and Parliament for not having properly scrutinised the government over its coronavirus policies. Speaking with …


36 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens: If government had proper scrutiny from media and MPs it would be ‘shivering in fear’

  1. Funny how China cured overnight without vaccines or any new strains which will keep this from never ending now. Nobody can answer that big question. How strange that Sturgeon wasn't berated by one single mp according to the news. How can they expect us to listen to their hypocrisy any longer when they can do just as they wish without ramifications

  2. Some things he says make sense, but then he'll say something that totally contradicts what he says. I love Peter Hitchens, but he's not the sharpest tool in the box, bless him.

  3. Everything the government is doing is not because of this virus – they are destroying our society and huge numbers of weak and unproductive people for a future that is dystopian and very dangerous!

  4. This is nothing to do with a virus, they are using a virus as a guise to usher in their UN agenda 21 NWO plans! People die every year of complications from, especially the old and the most vulnerable, TB kills more people each year than this "covid" and it is more infectious but they never locked down for this EVER and they keep rattling on about saving granny, yet there was a blanket DNR put on all nursing homes, yeah they really care about saving the old! Also the people in care homes were left to rot, and starved to death, also people in the beginning were killed by negligent treatment using ventilators then they should not have been used. alsoooooooooo they have been classing EVERYONE who dies, as a covid death, just because they might have tested positive when they came in from a car crash and later died! this is the biggest fraud in the whole of history! this is a globalist take over, china is the new normal! and we are all going to be living in the worst conditions that we could ever imagine! The government are committing high treason!

  5. This is a moment in history. This is when a new 'industrial' age is brought in: the age of total automation and robots. Flesh and blood people are not wanted and the powerful want us in our boxes in front of the TV with an existence allowance courtesy of the state. We will be state slaves, state chattels. The fight has just begun and the people must learn fast. Resist arrest and help those being taken away. Do not let them get away with their evil plans. All must do what they can: fight, write, organise and above all the citizen journalists who tell the truth which the media never will.

  6. Their No1 obsession is to get this vaccine into every man woman and child. And once they do that we will be easier to control. One other thing, it won't be just one vaccine it will be numerous vaccines. The muzzle wearers are betraying everyone by complying. They will roll up their sleeves first. Only idiots download the NHS tracking app and get tested.

  7. Next summer when we look back at the whole of 2020 the true story will surely come out, BUT the 'experts' will manage to spin it somehow to say without lockdowns it would have been even worse. Regular people will suffer most from this travesty, not politicians, not 'Sage', not other so called experts like that doom mongering and discredited 'Professor' Neil Ferguson.

  8. The ones spouting out the fear mongering narrative are taking instructions from much higher up. The investigation should be WHY? What have they been promised? It must be BIG to destroy the people and the economy they are supposed to be serving? This makes them TRAITORS. There ARE people within Parliament that KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON. Whatever this "higher" power has over them, will dispose of them also once they have fulfilled their use. Are they totally think? Or what are the evils they have done that allows them to be controlled and/or blackmailed in this way???

  9. Well 3 weeks later and they're admitting to mistakes on the figures or it was just an exercise that shouldn't have been used. This is making no difference and we are are now in lockdown again just because that's what they want.

  10. I keep saying this. The whole lot of them in cahoots….Government is finished, we are on our own…They put us on our arses first then screw us…STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP. FUK TESTING IT'S JUST A SCAM.

  11. I am SO sick of the government calling positive tests 'cases'. You are not ill if you need a test to tell you so. A positive test without illness means nothing except that it gives the government the change to add (at least) one more to the list of 'cases'.

  12. What evidence do you have to say J Corbyn is a Trotsky?
    He wasn't & isn't.
    Neither would he have agreed to the Communust Control which we're under.
    Hence, the attack on him for being an antisemitic communist.

    But K Stamer would – yet you don't & haven't accused him of being far Left.
    Are you blind?

    You confuse left/right politics with the OBVIOUS agenda of Totalitarianism.
    B Johnson & K Stamer, right & left, are Brothers in Arms for Globalisation & Totalitarianism.

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