May 13, 2021


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Peter Hitchens wants public to 'drive a wedge between Conservative Party and Boris Johnson'

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As MPs prepare to vote on the latest coronavirus restrictions, columnist Peter Hitchens has urged the public to “drive a wedge between the Conservative Party …


20 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens wants public to 'drive a wedge between Conservative Party and Boris Johnson'

  1. This isn't a British government problem, it's a worldwide thing and all governments read from the same script; MPs won't change anything because they're part of this global system. They can censor the US president while he's still the president; that's how big the dark forces behind all this are

  2. I agree 100%. We need as a nation to get a vote of no confidence for Boris and team. We need our freedoms and liberties back. Now Johnson and Hancock have a taste for how easily England gives up they will always keep us on some type of Lockdown. They are incompetence at it the highest level possible. Where are the facts and figures to prove every single point they are imposing.

  3. Not often I agree with Hitchens – but then the point of his whole existence is to disagree with people – but Johnson must go. He's not a leader, never was in my eyes, and this job has found him out.

  4. No sense in writing to our MPs they simply get their administrators to publish a standard response that is if they even do respond. They look after their party not those that elect them

  5. I have much sympathy for much of what Hitchens says, yet he falls into the same trap as those whom he opposes when he talks of the Danish study. He fails to mention that the study was of mask wearers, NOT the effect of mask wearing on others.

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