July 26, 2021


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Peter Schiff (Inflation Deep Dive, US Needs Monetary Heroin, New Gold Standard, Economic Principles)

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47 thoughts on “Peter Schiff (Inflation Deep Dive, US Needs Monetary Heroin, New Gold Standard, Economic Principles)

  1. unfortunately the young crowd dont know who Willey Coyote is because Gov mandated it on TV as too violent for children and it was taken off the air

  2. Peter's people (1% class) have been doing fake Russian hacking to further increase prices and drive livestock ranchers out of business. "You will own nothing and you will be happy about it" Agenda 21

  3. Problem with going back to the gold standard. The gold in Fort Knox is gone. Our government either stole it or gave it away to the elites.
    Americans have been played for suckers. Now they are trying to kill us off with the vaccine.

  4. I absolutely love Peter Schiff’s ideas. I think he’s spot on if we still lived under a gold standard however I think the weakness in his thinking is that he doesn’t give enough weight to the extent that global elites will go to in order to escape the constraints gold would place on their global agenda. Any sort of gold standard will be the last resort if they can’t make SDRs/digital money work

  5. How is Biden ending our dependence on fossil fuels? Biden ordered no more new gas stations built in the U.S.. Biden ended America’s production of fossil fuels making us dependent on foreign oil for now. Biden ended the Keystone pipeline killing 8,000 union jobs as well as thousands of Canadian jobs. Biden is out of touch with everyday Americans. Your votes have consequences.

  6. Under Biden gas is going up. This will increase the price of many things. Biden said he will end our dependence on fossil fuels. Unfortunately many rely on fossil fuels to get to work or school etc.

  7. It makes sense; velocity of money kicks up when people see inflation and the herd decides to buy before stuff gets too expensive and others dump dollars fast for anything they need.

  8. Lots of fear in the SMEosphere. Rational fear. reflecting a consensus that is hard to refute. For several months I have shopped around the local PM circuit. In a sense, it is already too late, everybody is out of gold and only has pre 65 silver, and that at a high premium. I guess if trying to protect capital, just haul off and buy some miners and hope that 'they' do not take your stuff. Jim Rickards truly stands alone in his prediction of a pre hyper inflation deflationary period. M2 is the culprit in Jim's theory and that too is hard to refute. But the point that timing this stuff is very risky is well taken, thank you. LOL as if you guys have time to pour thru these responses.

  9. Hat tip to Mike Maloney for the German deflation prior to hyper-inflation report. He reports this happened with other currencies that hyper inflated also.

  10. Schiff is smart but it seems he's a bit naive to the whole "it's 2030, you'll own nothing, and be happy" agenda. Once you realize the plan is to do away with property for the plebes all together it really changes the game.

  11. when we import stuff(net) from China per say, China gets our USDs and we get their stuff, but what do they do with their new USDs…they can't just stuff them in their mattresses because they're rapidly devaluing, they can't buy stuff from us because we don't make enough stuff to sell to them, they could buy our treasuries but i don't think they do anymore (probably because of inflation eating away at already tiny returns)….what i'm getting at is why would someone in china have any demand for our US dollars, what can they even spend them on?

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