October 23, 2021


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Peterborough police won't ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter

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38 thoughts on “Peterborough police won't ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter

  1. I just moved out of Peterborough to BC and could not be happier. This is an accurate representation of that shithole city. Never seen more zombies in my life. Radical leftists and NWO police

  2. Happiness ? Umm ok his parents must of really hated him to name him that, “I’m the covid guy” is a kin to the “stationary cupboard inspector” in a government department from the 1980s.

  3. Boy o Boy they sure have a lot of different cultures outside the filming of 99% white cast show. That time period show is correct the elite were the suppressors not the the every day people who worked hard for their families, we did not give a crap we all got along. Trudeau never seen that and he thinks he is relevant today. The only way he could make friend from other cultures was to dress up like them. It is actually sad for him.

  4. lollllllll, let the government = police lies continue …lollllllllll. $$$ Just sickening what governments = police = bylaw = doctors = teachers…greedy public sector parasites have done to this world …just sick. Wake up people, unite, fight back, very, very large numbers. More laws = less freedom. Rise up people. Crooked, corrupt, hypocrites…= all MSM, all government = from the top down and the bottom up…the whole system is a slimy, sleazy mess. $$$, all on the take…….Take a close look at who gets full pay, who has not lost a penny since this plandemic began. Take a close look at who is enforcing this scam, hoax, lie…on the private sector while they ALL get full pay. = PIGS = People in governments = Governments = police = bylaw = teachers = doctors …just follow the money $$$, = pure scum…F off greedy lying scum bags. Open up your small business, all across Canada, the world…Rise up real Canadians, real people. Wake up people, organize, plan, very large numbers, fight back……..F off government = police scum…All lies, every day…. Control, censorship …all over the place…MSM = Governments = Police state…now reality, full time, every day….control, control, control. Its been going on for over a year now………the police = governments = bylaw…are the real enemy. If you can’t see this yet, you are part of the problem. What a mess and it will get much worse……Criminal activity in government…this is whats really going on…just look at what these government parasites' are doing to this economy as they all get full pay to destroy it……bloody hypocrites…all lies daily…..The lowest of the low in society, just greedy $$$ braindead orders takers… = police = military = all governments = bylaw = doctors = nurses = teachers…greedy public sector parasites, ps unions…just follow the money folks. They do not care, and they ALL get full pay in government while they screw with us daily…while they close our business, bankrupt us, gut the private sector, remove all rights, lock us in our house… This is a complete government = police takeover, plain and simple – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights…. Control, control, control – governments now running everything moving forward.

    For anyone thinking the virus is the reason we were/are locked down, It is NOT . Numbers don't lie. Check CDC. 0.045% chance of dying from the 'deadliest virus of all time' lollllllll, all BS, all lies… Let that sink in for a minute. 0.045% chance of dying. Or in other words YOU HAVE A 99.955% SURVIVAL CHANCE. 99.6% of all people who have contracted covid make a full recovery. We should all be asking why this was done to us, and once you're down that rabbit hole you can't go back, believe me, there is ‘EVIL’ at work here, the more people that are aware the better. WE need to stick together. THEY, (Governments = police = MSM…) want us divided. Liberal, tory, same old story…republican, democrat…msm…all governments…all lying scum bags…just follow the money… This will not change…it will only get worse… WHY? UN – Agenda 21/30, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, central bankers / planners…go do some research …all planned. Government is only here to help themselves period…

    You want freedom? Then fight for it. Its the only way. Find like-minded people asap, and lots of them. Solution's ? Well many…here are a few…1 – Eliminate most government = less problems…no debt, no stress, no fake lockdowns, no plandemics…a healthy private sector, an open free market…freedom, free speech…GUNS and lots… 2 – Time to bring back weekly public hangings…on Sundays, it would be fun…sell tickets, pay down/off the debt…would sell out weekly…every week we get to watch several of these scum bags in government = police hang…lolllllllllll., lots of fun, joy, sunshine…drinks, BBQ…all positive…lollll.. 3 – Rise up, wake up, unite, large, very, very large groups, organize, plan, buy guns, lots…be real MEN, women, fight back against the real enemy here = governments = police = bylaw = MSM…,they created and are enforcing all of this scam, fraud, shutdown, lie… arms out, train daily, mma training, boxing, bats, weapons, guns, amo, lots…do not comply…FIGHT back…My body, my choice, F off lying scum bags. Revolution calling.

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