22 thoughts on “Pewdiepie vs the ADL”
  1. They say they are smart. They say they are good at business. But these idiots refuse to give the masses what they want on the internet. What you call hate, others call love. You have no right to control others point of view or access to information. The great A.I. in the sky will come for you. We will win this. They are slow stupid and weak.

  2. The dynastic plutocratic families, the corporate oligarchs, the international banksters, and members of the military-industrial complex, many of whom are Zionists (like the Neocons, the members of AIPAC, and the Christian Zionists), dominate the politicians and the corporations and the legal system and the financial system and the mainstream media and the police and the military.
    The level of willful ignorance and shameless apathy is mind-boggling. In the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice. See my page on Facebook: "Who is really running the world today?

  3. The ADL also lists the crucified skin as a hate symbol, and then say in their definition of it that although it isn't directly racist, it is used by racists so its a ahge symbol, wtaf

  4. Well everyone watchign pewdipie for long times would notice how out of character he was in that video, he looked like those people in Isis videos with guns sported on them reading statements they do not agree with.

  5. Perhaps reading the Christ Church shooters manifesto , would shed some fking light at why he said "sub to pewdiepie".

    But thanks to media who refuse to actually do research in such a BIG event , lots of people ran with "pewdiepie the killer groomer" attitude.
    Bending the knee is a stupid move.

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