June 13, 2021


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29 thoughts on “Planet of the Humans | Full Scene | Mountaintop Removal For Wind

  1. Jimmy dore completely showing you up on your support for Biden. Your rich man quote as well given your massive wealth. Embarrassing ?

  2. I have a movie pitch for ya. Global climate change, is not so simple as climate change. It is, in fact, global warming. If you take a good look at the recent activity, around the ring of fire, it is easy to see that the temp spikes go deeper than the air.

  3. Dear Michael;
    I have a Degree in Env. Studies from the University of Waterloo. I am a Certified Engineering Technologist, electro-mechanical. I am also a 1st Class Power Engineer and Board Certified Boiler PV Inspector, with several endorsements, including Nuclear. I have inspected nearly every kind of Thermal Generating Plant and Manufacturing Facility and Chemical Process Plant in North America, Dual Citizen USA/Canada, etc, etc blah blah. But enough about me.

    I LOVED Planet of the Humans, in fact I agree with 95%+ of what you detail in all your documentaries. Great stuff, the best out there. 1000x's better than much of boring OLD PBS's diatribe.. However, myself I am a long time member of the Green Party, and, I cannot for the life of me figure out why you supported the Democrat Party over the Green Party. For one thing the Primaries of the DNC, both in 2016 and 2020, were filled with suspicious activities to say the least. We actually ended up now with a Prez., that was in last place at the beginning of the Primary vote count for 2020, then after a few more days/weeks of suspicious counts, Miracles of Miracles we ended up with Joe "I've done some dumb things and I'll do dumb things again", Biden, and yet again, screwing Sanders one more time [see Charlie Brown and Lucy with the Football] and he picks for his running mate a Woman who got around 1% support from Democrats and her sad anti-minority record as CALI-AG as revealed during the debates by Major Tulsi Gabbard, who outlined the treachery of Harris in great detail during the DNC primary debates. Yes Tulsi Gabbard, a true leader that could have eviscerated the Bad Orange Man, all by herself, while Joe hid in his dungeon, [perhaps helping his son do a better job of erasing the porn video he left on his lap top?] … and NOW Mister Moore, you bring out in a series of three or more vignettes of this Great Docu. well after the election has been cast [not to mention with rather suspicious activities similar to the DNC Primaries in both 2015-16 and 2019-20] detailed points of corruption that showed how the DNC Limo-Liberals crawled into bed with the Right Footers, when it suited them, including the lowest of the lows, the Koch Brothers. with Al Gore-leeonie front and center, standing in front of them with his Halloweeny Money Bag wide open while they tossed little greeny-gold coins into his kiddy carbon-bag. Whose side are you on Michael? if not the Democrats as you clearly show in Planet of the Humans, then whose?

    Please come clean with us. Cut the Bull Shit please Michael


  4. capitalism = industrialisation = consumerism. there is no such thing as clean energy that is a closed loop unless you know something the rest of us dont. halve the population of the planet and find something else to do ie get off the couch put down the device and maybe create something like food. no simple answer for sure but remember no such thing as clean energy.

  5. Thats the thing green energy miss you spend fossil fuel to make it then what do you do after its end life especially solar pannels. There is no recycling program with that and dumping in a tip means toxic materials in landfills.

  6. Energy is supposed to come from the middle east. Electricity should come from hydropower in Canada. Trees pelletized in Canada. Mountains in the U.S. need to be pristine. Pipelines shouldn't be put anywhere in the U.S. wind turbines shouldn't mar the view off beaches where Americans vacation. Solar farms shouldn't be built anywhere.

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