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  1. The dominant discourse of the mainstream environmental movement is about the preservation of our lifestyles by adopting new 'green' technologies. That principle tenet is placed above everything else that the mainstream environmental agencies may claim or actually do. Preserving the very culture and lifestyle which is killing the planet. The crux of the environmental movement today, which is western (and predominantly white) is about the continuation of capitalism and exploitation (i.e using the planet to feed human greed – not addressing the actual needs). Leading environmental organisations, along with scores of scientists and environmental activists actually view the Earth as a resource and not as a living entity. During the last 30 years, the environmental movement has been gradually botched and hijacked by neoliberalism and big-money, manifesting via many new eco-friendly mantras, new technologies and the green new 'deal'. What deal can we as a species make with mother nature?

  2. Flat earth – Ok you stay
    Filming someone hanging on a tree – Give that man a sponsorship
    Documentary against eco-industrial complex – GET THAT THING OFF GET THAT THING OFF ME!

  3. Shows you how pervasive and deceiving environmentalist movement is to promote their agenda of climate change. Anyone with a college science degree (not including most of the ignorant environmentalist crowd) could not find fault with the facts presented in Planet of Humans. Its a sad truth that there are some powerful big money backed people who can exert influence on YouTube / Google to censor the truth.

  4. hold on, this documentary makes no sense. i get that on a large scale, its not feasible. but solar should be double or even triple scaled, so you have a portion that powers the homes in real time, and a portion that fills up batteries that powers the homes when there's no sun. that being said, and all the corporate hypocrisy, the one thing that has not been talked about in the movie is clean nuclear energy that is sustainable, like fusion power plants. No long-lived radioactive waste, and No meltdowns. why wasnt this discussed or omitted?

  5. Watched it months ago, absolutely brilliant, shows the shit show that the climate activists want to create, this man (Michael Moore) shows an honest view of the true life concept of the 'save the world' and 'ban the car' idiots. If YouTube disagreed with anything in this video then this shows which angle they come from, the "copyright" claim was not correct, and will be overturned (it was 4 seconds??????) IF YOU HAVE SOME SPARE TIME, I WOULD SAY WATCH THIS FILM, IT IS EYE-OPENING AND HELPS BACK UP A LOT OF CLAIMS THAT PEOPLE HAVE MADE FOR YEARS – SHOWS HOW FALSE THE 'GREEN MOVEMENT' IS

  6. I did enjoy and learn a lot from this, but the elephant in the room in this documentary that is not talked about is….nuclear energy, but no, instead, too many humans, let's reduce our numbers.

  7. This was not wholly YouTube censorship but rather censorship using a questionable copyright claim. (It's a question of "fair use" doctrine.) Who is behind this censorship?> Large corporations who have invested in what many feel are questionable solutions, like wind frms; a group of academics who have made their reputation arguing that CO2 is dooming the planet (and there is much academic opinion that goes the other way). And yes, there are people on the left who are honestly concerned about the issue. Moore is saying that we need better solutions, that is all.
    YouTube needs to get its lawyers to review the claim. Otherwise we are going to be stuck with wood pellet stoves denuding NC and Ukraine forests, and easily corroded wind machines.

  8. The fact that the film has been taken down is a clear sign of what the film discusses a bunch of billion/million-aires and those in power all in each other’s pockets, doing what’s best for their bottom line and bank accounts, not what’s best for all on earth. Thankfully I was able to be both horrified and enlightened and see it before it was taken down.

  9. Hopefully Trump will do something about internet censorship, its very dangerous when people start to act like parents toward grown ups we can make up our own minds!!! Trump can ban Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for all i care when these companies start to think they can dictate thoughts.

  10. Please be aware that any solution to species extinction, environmental degradation, the climate catastrophe, etc. can only be successful if worldwide birth regulations are introduced at the same time. Because the overpopulation is the main and root cause of all our environmental problems and the destruction of the habitats of humans, animals and plants as well as all of nature.

    Please sign and share this petition: Overpopulation – Introduce obligatory world-wide birth-controls!


  11. Youtube and the other social media platforms are censoring free speech. Whatever they want to take down, they claim it violates their community guidelines. I guess their community guidelines must be a duplicate copy of Nazi Germany's and North Korea's guidelines. Censorship = Liberal Tolerance.

  12. Think of all the insane conspiracy theories that sit on this platform and this gets taken down. To those responsible you are the best catalysts for change. You think you are covering it up but in reality you have done more to promote this film than anybody could.

  13. I cant believe the logic for pulling this very well made documentary off youtube, as I just watched the short film which the disputed copyright claims are taken from.
    So, if I understand the logic it's ok to have a short film up that fully exposes the rare earth market as far as digital products go, and I suppose high end pottery…. yet it's not ok to expand upon this to include solar panels ??
    I honestly cant believe its come to this.
    I for one hope Planet of The Humans is released on DVD as to me this is a very important film to own.
    I'm so glad I got to see it before it was taken down, and turned on others who got to see it as well.
    Keep the faith Michael and Jeff !!

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