October 26, 2021


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Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver

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44 thoughts on “Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver

  1. Platinum is crazy undervalued. Last year when I looked at the ratio charts Gold:Platinum and Silver:Platinum it was at all time lows. All time lows even compared to silver which was itself massively undervalued.

  2. No doubt – platinum and palladium are stores of value, just like gold. They share that superpower with gold. However, gold (physical) is objectively better to own. The spread between what you can buy and sell a metal for is the unbiased truth teller in the metals market. Gold has the tightest spreads by far of any metal, which means it's the most liquid. A lot of precious metals investing is psychological, and the concept of reflexivity is always in-play; but gold having the highest liquidity means it's king in the eyes of market participants. No "ifs," "ands," or "buts." No nonsense. If platinum and palladium are better than or equal to gold, market spreads would confirm it, and they don't. Never mind the prices. Prices are irrelevant to what I'm saying.

  3. Hi Mike and Jeff,
    The way you guys conduct fundamental analysis is really inspiring. I have also developed a passion towards fundamental analysis and i would really appreciate if you could provide suggestions on how to become a good life long fundamental analyst without having to attend certified degrees.

  4. Also can you please advise I heard recently in the economic crisis in Argentina people weren’t able to sell their gold as there was no price established due to the falling fiat currency?

  5. Mike Maloney or Jeff: If we had sound money in the US (gold/silver) would the stock market always go up long term? Would buy and hold total market index fund investing work? Or would the market stay level long term and just have bull and bear markets?

  6. Lots of fools here commenting on platinum and palladium, sounds like investor bias for those of you who have wasted your time and money on these items. I think I will listen to Mike Maloney well over many of the mindless comments made here.

  7. "They [platinum and palladium] are not money." … nothing could be further from the truth. Russia in fact minted and coined platinum in the 19th century where it was used as money alongside gold and silver. Platinum has almost identical chemical properties to gold: It is rare, precious (used for making jewelry), chemically inert (note that catalysts are NOT consumed in chemical reactions, they only speed up reactions). The main reason why platinum has not historically been used as money has to do that, until the 20th century, it was very difficult to mine and mint platinum. Now it is fairly easy to do this, but ALL precious metals have since been demonetized in 1971, with the end of Bretton Woods. Mike is incorrect here, and I suggest holding at least some physical platinum in one's portfolio.

  8. As others stated, pt and pd were used as money aswell.

    Pt is down because the diesel is dying. It will sky rocketing because of renewables, just like silver.

    Rhodium performed as crazy as bitcoin, and palladium is in steady growth too.

    Iridium and ruthenium are hard to get unfortunately..

  9. I love your passion for REAL MONEY Mike…. I really do hope one day it serves the function you speak of…. like it should!!!!
    My fear……
    Power and greed is something that will keep the lie alive for what feels like will be forever!!!

    Appreciate all you do guys. ??

  10. many new houses don't use copper pipe for waterlines anymore, not in developed countries. Wirsbo and other forms of Pex last exponentially longer, are impervious to acidity, cost the same as copper, and are much easier to install. Copper demand is 3x higher for EVs, which are taking up the slack. Copper going up in price is more to do with stockpiling of industries, like EVs.

  11. Mike, if gold & silver are real money but are outdated by Bitcoin & the other digital currencies why aren't governments selling their holdings in gold? (Rhetorical)

  12. Too many commenters criticize this video with something like, "Platinum can be a good investment. Look at low it is now." The point isn't that it is a bad investment generally or that it's currently low; the point is that during market downturns, the behavior of platinum has not historically matched the behavior of gold or silver. Platinum responds more similarly to other commodities, and it hasn't been a monetary metal to the same degree, despite the fact that there technically are coins (of the ridiculously low face value that nobody will ever use). A major problem with platinum as a monetary metal is that it is geographically concentrated to a high degree, whereas gold and silver are much more evenly dispersed worldwide. Also, it's more difficult to manipulate physically, which is a property you probably want in a physical money.

  13. How come Metals are even worth less than dollar ? They are printing tons of paper out of thin air. Does silver even have a chance ? They have toilet paper to keep price down forever. So manipupated market. If less people think silver is valuable, welp, i think nobody would want silver anymore. Yeah, people including me are just that dumb. I noticed this when a purse could be priced as high as 10k bucks, a watch worth 200k dollars. And people still work hard to get it just because some celeb wears that.

  14. true!! when people got in to position with Gold and Silver they know where to save them self from devaluing printing press, "due to every one have smart phone, news paper … etc are OBSOLETE."

  15. Good day thank you so much for your information I have gotten off the beaten path and have invested in other things. I realized that some of these other metals are maybe not as valuable but I’m going to point out copper has made a break out of the gate and the reason I say this is for medical purpose. (Helps with arthritis) I agree with the silver and gold aspect but what your saying makes a whole lot of sense. Now the newest metal I have been investing in is ruthenium. Have you looked at this at all. I am also looking at the fact that due to this big push for solar usage that ruthenium, silver, are excellent conductors. And with Ruthenium being so scarce I’m jumping on it. What are your thoughts on any of this I really value your opinion, and so much enjoy and anticipate your information. God Bless ???❤️

  16. Last time Silver price drop then Mike release a video tell people not to buy the dip. Then the silver rebound and sky rocket. This time Platinum drop and Mike do the same thing. It means Mike could be one of the deep state. Platinum is a very good buying opportunity at this price which will not stay very long.

  17. Someone should inform the music industry that they've been wrong for comparing the success of music sales to precious metals. I guess triple platinum means nothing other than its good as a catalyst. Sorry Mike but you missed the bus on this one, imo

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