May 14, 2021


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Podcast # 67 – Jason Christoff – How The Government Makes You Sick, Dumb and Broke PART 2

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Show notes from Podcast #67 below.

Here’s the documentary of the voting fraud –

Here’s the event where you can work with me personally to basically get your entire life back on track –…-jason-christoff/

Here’s a medical doctor in Canada exposing the complete corruption of The Canadian Food Guide – designed to keep the slaves overweight, sick and broke –

Book “Death by Food Pyramid” – same in the US – the US government conspires to poison their people through toxic recommendations –

PCR machine being used to test for COVID can’t test for COVID and has nothing to do with disease or COVID –

John Taylor Gatto’s book “Weapons Of Mass Instruction” –

Charlotte Iserbyt worked in the Ronald Reagan administration in The Department of Education where she learned that the schools were being unregulated to destroy the intelligence of the children –

Two professors explain why they didn’t sign off on common core –

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