April 20, 2021


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Police are compromising their morals | Toronto lockdown protester speaks out after getting ticket

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31 thoughts on “Police are compromising their morals | Toronto lockdown protester speaks out after getting ticket

  1. The externel physical world is just a reflection of society's collective soul.

    If society appears to be going crazy then its because collectively individuals have neglected their inner spiritual health.

    When everyone is drugged to deal with their inner demons instead of facing them head on in a sober manner, then those unresolved issues manifest in projection or self victimization.

    Psychologists know this. But even if you tell people this they will fill the silence with media or medication to escape accountability.

    So its really a personal choice. Do you choose the hard work of focusing on fixing yourself and setting the example by holding yourself to a higher standard? …Or do you take the lazy approach and point your finger at everything else? One day all fingers will point squarely back at you. But will you accept responsibility?

    You have the power within yourself to change the entire course of history. Fix yourself. Help others do the same. This revelation is what brings heaven to earth.

    So let it be

  2. Canada use to be a free country once. Now it is becoming more and more of a Communist country. My mother hated Canada. She preferred to live in Italy with her family because that is where she was born. My mother use to get angry with my sister and I when we were teenagers in high school in the early 1990s because we wanted to stay here in Canada instead of living in Italy. Was my mother right?

  3. The cops double standards are hilarious, don’t do anything to people in blm protests when they gather in huge numbers but ticket amd arrest anti lockdown protests that take our rights away. Toronto police are a joke

  4. People! You didn't get yet this is implementation of Fascisms by Global Government. They dumped all human rights, they lough at you and you expect from their pocket-police any human attitude? You want to praise them with roses on the next public gathering? There are different measures have to come in effect.

  5. Wake up CANADIAN'S or your children well disown you for destroying their future, their country,and our charter of rights. My loyalty is to my family and my neighbors and not my tyrannical TRUDEAU government.

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