October 17, 2021


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Police grilled over friendlyjordies arrest

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40 thoughts on “Police grilled over friendlyjordies arrest

  1. Actual terrorist suspects under investigation for months to years and allowed to gather extremist followers ,, or worse carry out their fucked plans before action is taken…but two Aussie blokes with cameras on YouTube exposing corrupt politicians demands immediate attention 🤣🤦🤦

    Farken bullshit!

  2. What's going on with the like's tally? This one for example, 286k views but as soon as I sign in to comment, 23k. Same for "Can we save the Koala's", 130k but sign in to comment and it's down to 12k. Bruz, up there with 809k views, sign in and it's instantly down to 76k. Is it just me?

  3. A bloody disgrace ! How is this not exposed across mainstream media when is enough , when is this corruption , and self
    Seeking governement going to be brought down ! Surely we deserve better

  4. The fixated persons unit is fixated…..on a youtube comedian. Jeez……think about how up tight these cops are. They should have looked at the complaint as they should any complaint….and realised its just all bullshit……frivolous.

  5. THE FUCK.PUBLICS.UNIT is another police state tool used to ,for any reason these gutless piss weak pricks can adopt to allow them to swing there bats and terrorize us ,the public.we are thier targets.end of story.

  6. It's pretty clear Australia is becoming a fascist police state, run by morally corrupt politicians who are in bed with the big banks and property developers.
    This pandemic is the scapegoat for power hungry elites to further subjugate the peasant citizens.
    The long and painful narrative of our ruling elites to crush political dissent and free speech, or even stomp on the mere idea of open debate or discussion, is making a mockery of our so called democratic society.
    It's clear the NSW government want to spit our society into the 'clean vaccinated' and the 'dirty-lazy unvaccinated'
    Endless fear mongering, duplicitous and condescending 'speeches' from our State leaders and their bureaucrats is becoming nauseating.

    When you dig a little deeper and see the connections involved with this pandemic, economics, global debt and broken empires desperate to maintain power, it really starts to smell of something rotten to the core.

  7. So in effect we have allowed this unit to be established which now is being used to shut down dissent and journalism in this country. So much for free speech in a democracy.

  8. All police are public servants. There should be no secrecy with regards to their standard operating procedures. A very simple question was asked: How does an allegation of harrasment get investigated and enforced in the first instance by a terrorism unit. 11:55 – now we're getting somewhere.

  9. Police at every level and branch has been corrupted with political ideology thats anti civilians and pro government. Besides being unconstitutional it goes to extreme levels of coursion, esculate peaceful gatherings, coverips, deceit and manipulation of the facts if it has any at all. Give an inch, they take a mile in the name corrupt government. The rott is so deeply intrenched they dont even see the crimes they commit themselves every day. Its sad that police have lost the respect of the majority because they persistantly abuse their powers as government thugs. When police break the very laws they expect everyone else to obey, they are no longer police. Theyre the armed governmet thugs in unform with indemnity protection from any recourse. No one is above the law. Bad police officers endanger good cops.

  10. The Counter Terrorism Unit decided to Kristo Lanka be referred to the Intelligence section of the Fixated Persons Unit, who decided that Kristo is a terrorist, is mentally unwell, and a threat to Mr Barilaro. Because he tried to hand a document to the Deputy Premier! And that was deemed a 'serious threat of violence!! 😧😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. 8:30 Its evident how much our government intends to enforce that the concept of free will or distate for the decisions of self interested authority is Anti-government or Anti-establishment, of course yes Anti exists its just a shame that nobody says Pro Choice, why do people seem to feel it necessary to shut away the concept of freedom behind the guise of rebellion

  12. Hasn't the politician committed a crime? Idk Oz law but Abuse of Power is a crime in other similar countries. Also, why didn't the cops say "no?" They are complicit at best, accomplices in all reality.

  13. My suggestion for folks flabbergasted by this would be to watch Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. Great series the both of them. Will educate you on bureaucrats and politicians alike.

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