April 23, 2021


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Politicians of Left and Right join forces to challenge lockdowns

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49 thoughts on “Politicians of Left and Right join forces to challenge lockdowns

  1. Thanks so much for this. I could almost weep in agreement with all being said here. Thanks to sir Charles Walker and Lord David Blunkett for speaking out. I too feel (indeed have felt since March) the same anger as Sir Charles. What this government has done to our elders, youngsters, and the vulnerable is nothing short of abusive! I cannot bear to think of all those poor people who have lost jobs and businesses. It's an atrocity. There absolutely should be an investigation when (and if) we ever get out of this.

  2. Perhaps Charles Walker should of been our PM, I don't think he would of stood for sage members dictating to him. He seems to be on the people's side. And would have had a more balanced approach to this pandemic. I am sure we would not of been under house arrest three time for months on end each time. We should definitely be opening up the country now. All the vulnerable have been protected by now. And any people that are still nervous, due to the way the government and media have targeted them with the horrid advertising campaign, well they can stay indoors till they feel confident enough to come out. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  3. Its all a psychological pysop against the population to get them to submit to the GLOBALISTS medical TYRANNY & control..If this was about health they wouldnt have locked us all up causing so much collateral damage.

  4. "Many have claimed that lockdown kills". This report say there is irrefutable evidence that it does.

    I might not personally say 'irrefutable' …after all, many will want to 'refute' it,….. but it's a rather compelling piece of evidence, nevertheless.

  5. Is the reason not a direct ploy to scare enough people into taking an experimental vaccine that according to UK and US government analysis groups are showing thousands of injuries and deaths have already happened. Why are these guys not getting that.

  6. To be fair to Boris Johnson, he has been and remains in an impossible position. His instincts are anti lock down, but he has the entire opposition and their friends in the Media , along with most of the population, screaming at him to lockdown. Every time he's tried to refrain from or roll back restrictions, the Left and their friends in the media / NHS scream that he is a mass murderer / incompetent and has blood on his hands. Boris is a strategic genius and a political realist, I actually think he is working on his own unpublished plan to get us out of this mess. He can't do it publically as he would be thrown out of office. Notice how he keeps saying 'this is irreversible', even though it's upsetting many in SAGE as they believe he should not say that. That is his way of saying he will not lockdown any more, whatever the outcome.

  7. The vaccine WILL be the solution?!
    Nope. Numbers are already dropping, and not due to the vaccines. Testing labs are feeling the pressure of lawsuits working their way through the courts, demanding transparency around the faulty PCR tests and the cycle thresholds they're running. And the WHO just recently revised it's recommendation on the faulty PCR test, no longer allowing cases to be presumed!!

  8. New Zealand showed how to do it: scare the bejesus out of people, let the media run wild, disclose only “cases” data from the ministry of health, and tighten the screws of fear with daily government updates. It worked great for Zero COVID, unless you work in airlines or tourism.

    COVID could kill my mother so that’s on me and her to protect her, but it’s not on my kids to stay away from school or our restaurant to close. It’s Groupthink on the most amazing level. Total failure all round.

  9. The word " lockdown " is associated with a prison and citizens of a country should not imprison themselves within their homes.
    No lockdowns should have ever been imposed on so many by so few especially by those who have their own interests at heart like Matt Hancock and his friends who were awarded contracts illegally.

  10. The government needs to be held to account. The problem is too many of the population have allowed themselves to be taken over by the fear propaganda. I wrote to my MP last year expressing my concerns that we were becoming a dictatorship. He didn’t share my views , just towed the party line. 😡

  11. I'm actually in the Labour party, may be expelled, we've already been banned from speaking about a certain MP who's had the whip removed. I too am agreeing with people I never thought I'd agree with, Farage!!! Only on lockdown though. I believe Peter Hitchen is on the nail too, though I've always listened to him. One thing you didn't ask was the introduction of Health Passports, there is a Government petition with over 160,000 signatures not wanting health passports. I don't want to see them for national use to go to the cinema for example, or to have like the Chinese have, a social credit score, if you are good or bad you gain and lose points accordingly. If you go below a certain score you can't go to the pub or concert for example. I don't want the vaccine either, I'm not the only one in that category. I hope this madness stops very soon and that our representatives are held to account.

  12. There needs to be a lot more critical thinking around the vaccine. Most flu vaccines are only 40% effective..40%…and why don't we have a vaccine for HIV….Do people really go to the hospital and " get Covid " or is the PCR test very inaccurate.

  13. " I voted against all lockdowns and won't criminalise children seeing their parents" Well said Sir Charles Walker. Funny how most dissenting voices to this lunacy came mostly from Conservative side, when traditional Labour voters would have expected those voices to be predominant in Labour. But it is a surprise New Labour and those progressive eugenicists to betray the people they are more more distant from ? Actually this episode shows that there is no hope with these fat useless parties and so called "representative" democracy ! There is no democracy without a potentially triggered DIRECT SOVEREIGN DEMOCRACY ! This very democracy elitist label as "populism". Hell Yeah Populism ! Populism versus corrupted fascist "elitism" ! Do we need "representative" to enforce us "what we need". I'm french living in the UK and funny to see the both French and Magna carta Constitution hold a very principle that when representation betrays the people, not only it is a right to rebel, but it is a duty ! As a supporter of Brexit ad I would Frexit anytime, I shall only but respect what was implemented by DIRECT DEMOCRACY, and added to this very point, the very attitude of British Monarchy which I never thought would bend so easily to those despicable policies, I am really thinking of not asking for staying in the UK as I've been working here for years now, cause if I need to fight for my rights then I'd rather do it in my own country which is too threatened by totalitarian lunatics. One thing I shall add now, but it is not directed to the Queen as a person, as a soul, as I believe she is surrounded by utterly dangerous people first including her husband and sons, but it seems there is one virus this family randomly keeps on catching … and that very much looks like nazism even when they paint it with an "enlightened" Rainbow and call it "progressive" !

  14. An excellent interview, so refreshing to see two politicians from opposite sides of the chamber agreeing and also the style of interviewer. Best thing I've watched in ages, I'm away to e-mail my MP and MSP.

  15. Hey Freddy , I learned that the lockdown strategy was created by a high school girl doing a paper on the Spanish flu. Because it was spread in schools. Her father made a computer model and was adopted by George W Bush. Then China actually did it. Thanks for the great productions

  16. I'm a life long LP member and voter. A member until Iraq. Briefly again until the Blairites & war criminals took control again. Walker is the first Tory in my life I would vote for tomorrow if he was a candidate in my constituency in Hackney. Both the current two LPs will never ever get my vote.

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