February 26, 2021


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Politicians opening up to Rebel News; Catherine McKenna still a cry-bully

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21 thoughts on “Politicians opening up to Rebel News; Catherine McKenna still a cry-bully

  1. Hey, how about a story on the SJW propaganda commercial for the $2 coin that is supposed to be a tribute to Canadian soldiers who won WWII. The commercial from the mint depicts almost entirely non white characters winning the war despite the fact the war was won by white males. Writing white males out of their history and the greatest victory in the countries history is despicable.

  2. This woman is a spoiled, ridiculous, unbelievably arrogant airhead. How the hell did someone so childish get the position to represent anything? They talk about dumbing down our kids, and our military and our cops, low IQs are better than brains! Now our government members are the poster children for "Less is More." She is disgusting. Got news for ya McKenna, Rebel News has done nothing to influence people to hate you, you are fully responsible for that all on your own!

  3. 我请所有的加拿大在职职工于October 04 2020 2pm 到你们所在的city hall 提出每月派500加币的诉求。国家的钱也是我们大家的。很多在职职工月收入扣税后不到1800,扣出交通费后,还不如呆在家里睡觉的人,还要有疫情风险,这是很不公平的。请大家告诉大家,请有能力的人出来组织。在加拿大,只有闹闹,政府才会重视d

  4. And she said…"you guys are contributing to the hate against me because you spread misinformation and disinformation." What she's really meaning is Rebel News is contributing to the hate against her because you expose the truth. Good job Rebel News, please keep it up!!!

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