July 26, 2021


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39 thoughts on “Portugal 🇵🇹 Travel Disaster 🤬 Told Ya, DONT BOOK ANYTHING!!!

  1. Perhaps, being an American Alex I do not understand the need to Holiday in another country. England has it all….vacation there, spend your money there, support small businesses there. Ever since I saw as a little girl Mrs Miniver…I think the British can handle this. 🙂

  2. This is the same idiot who when people in Perth Scotland said they didn’t want to travel abroad in a poll taken…idiot Belfield said he couldn’t understand it !

  3. Hi Alex, I'm beginning to see daylight, the prelude behind the introduction of social distancing and masks, remember before "Public Enemy Number One" had mysteriously fallen ill with Covid-19. This odious little cretin was siting cheek-by-jowl with his cronies in The House of Commons. Afterwards, this had sent the assembly into unpresented alarm over the contagiousness of Covid-19, henceforth we now see social distancing and some members wearing face masks. Alex, I have a computer friend, his daughter is a nurse, she had caught Covid from a patient coughing in her face, so to conclusion Alex the only way one can fall ill with Covid-19 is by a sufferer coughing or sneezing close to their vicinity.

  4. Complacent, lazy people who don’t research, read or find out information for themselves and continue to let the government dictate what they do. They have never had our best interest at heart and never will.
    Wish people would wake up and realise they are slowly trying to kill us off, lower our vibrations and control us. If people haven’t woke up by now then please god help us.
    We are being run by a bunch of narcissist as is the world and some people don’t care

  5. You're so funny when you do all these impersonations 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣 we need more of these alex..they could give you categorical proof but they can also take it away ANYTIME?

  6. they want us NOT to book anything – they want to all non GOV businesses closed down to bring in COMMUNISM – SAGE's LEADING LADY IS A 40 YEAR MEMBER OF THE UK COMMUNIST PARTY – Susan Michie , who is leading covid "Policies" …

  7. PENIS ………………. and ……………… PENIS EGO = PROBLEM
    WHY? ………. PENIS worm WOOD made EVERYTHING bitter ….. Revelation 8:11
    BECAUSE ………………….. they REFUSED to give the Glory to GOD!!!
    God is known in HER palaces ……. Psalm 48:3

  8. All vaccinated in the UK but Overseas ??? Lots won't be anywhere soon unless everyone addresses vaccinating the rest of the world and our main destination areas before we are going anywhere. BTW The USA is a No Go area. You just said it's OK but it ain't !!. Hasn't finished yet by a long chalk. PM please be honest with everyone.
    I may know a few places where I can pick up a aircraft of two going cheap in the not too distant future. Be honest Boris or is that a step too far !!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  9. The Plebs are not going to be allowed to go on holiday for a long time. But I bet the posh types will get a seat on the new Concorde. "One rule for thee, another for me.."
    I live in Aus. They wont fly back any of their citizens from India. But I still see Hollywood types, and sportsmen coming and going.

  10. China orders the uk to do everything from today xi ping has borris by the balls because he told Johnston I'm unleashing my millitary which means every Chinese student is a member of PLA

  11. …after all the mess the hooligans did in Portugal now the british gov puts Portugal in the amber zone!
    You brought the sh*t and now you say it smells bad!!!

  12. There is one way out of this. Take to the streets and don't mess around. I was watching the recent London protests. It might as well have been a scene from the Notting Hill carnival. The establishment our just sitting back and laughing at you all, from number 10.

    Yes, some of you will lose your lives but this is the only way! Then they will take notice of the British public because this is the only language that the British psychopathic politicians and bankers will understand. I'm talking Molotov cocktails the lot. No time for being polite now! Mass civil unrest is the only answer. It worked in Toxteth and Brixton. Why should it not work for all of you?

    If you don't do this! You're all Done! in the British Isles. It is as simple as that!

  13. I would have thought that most of those holiday makers in Portugal have had two jabs. As the jabs are supposed to protect them, why should there be a need for them to come home, and Portugal re-classified as amber? Just wondering.

  14. Ok I’m confused. You can only book holidays if in green zone but while away it can go to Amber. They say don’t travel to Amber or red. So why not go on Amber by the time your holiday is over it may be green again.
    This is stupid why don’t the government just say we can’t travel on holiday outside of this country and just fo away with this f ing traffic light system. I’v re booked my re booked holiday after my original booked holiday to Florida was cancelled yes if we get to go next May it will be my 3rd time booking the holiday and each time the holiday has gone up n up n up, this rate I won’t be able to afford the increased prices, if we ever get to leave this country again. My aunts husband niece has booked to go to Florida in august and she comes from Belgium. It will be interesting to see if she is allowed to travel.
    I can see this going on for years, someone will sneeze omg Covid new variant lets lockdown don’t travel. Funny how they don’t do that for the flu in the winter, it can still kill you if you are poorly. Especially if you get influenza A this is PPE required and TB, yes it’s still around mild but still can kill. I don’t see the government reacting to that either. What’s the point in the injections if you can’t be free.
    The government let illegals in via boats, they let you enter this county via airports and seaports but we can’t leave via any ports.
    If you have had your injections why can’t you go on holiday and do the Covid tests they are telling you to take weekly when you get home. It’s all money, money because they need to recoup all the spending they have done recently.

    Why doesn’t Boris just say foreign holidays cancelled until further notice or the year 2030 then people will know NO you can’t go to a warm place or visit family in another country. We will not be free on 21st because the data can never say it’s ok. You will always have variants. This is like the film minority reports, the government want to know your every move. Next it will be you can only travel if you have a chip placed under your skin and be scanned at every entry point. We don’t have freedom we just exist

  15. There is a bigger agenda here, they are intent on bankrupting the country to suit the great reset, that nobody wanted or asked for. It's called tyranny.

  16. This is a live drill, a simulation, a test. You are all being evaluated as to how you would react when it really does hit the fan. They are also testing to see the breaking point of society (so they can crush it immediatley) this is a test and the uk is the teachers pet as it is zombie central.

  17. Why are people like Biden coming in for the G7 meeting and not being quarantined for 10 days when our own people have to self isolate another rule for us and one for the government just like the illegals coming in from France get welcomed by priti patels army with open arms what a pathetic country we are

  18. The COVID narrative has been concocted by the World Economic Forum. It is actually an emergency global Co2 emission/climate change emergency plan to shut down our lives to save the world. It will be exposed eventually, once there are mass riots across the world.

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