February 26, 2021


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'Predicted catastrophe and alarmism seem to have no limits': Alan Jones

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The public have been “brainwashed and indoctrinated” as the coronavirus alarmism seems to have no limits according to Sky News host Alan Jones. He said …


34 thoughts on “'Predicted catastrophe and alarmism seem to have no limits': Alan Jones

  1. The less " prestigious eminent scientists" that want to get in the media…no truer words. We are lied to and NO ONE has gone to the proper EXPERTS for answers, why? SIDE NOTE 7 Billion with 62 Millions deaths every years = 0.0043400000%, nothing. YET with Covid-19, 700k = 0.0000049% [ alleged ] deaths everyone is hysterical?

  2. alan jones should state this was planned years ago. they could of brought this pandemic any year during the flu season. in 2017 we had over 4000 deaths from flu with no pandemic or media hysteria. the elite are laughing at us for being so compliant with the new world order laws.

  3. Approx. 83 older people die EVERY DAY in Victoria. We really need to know who died from COVID and who died with COVID, big difference.

    Check out the link below, even going from 2013 & 2014 data, 245,000 people older people died over 2 years – divide by 2 = 122,500 per year – divided by 365 days in year = 335 people die every day in Australia, this number would be increased based on current population growth. Victoria is 25% of the nation = 25% of 335 = 83.9 per day.


  4. We are all gullible but also no one wants to listen when you tell them otherwise. Just open the economy. Clearly people are trying to buy out the economy

  5. We must stop the wizard of oz Criminal cartels ruling this world behind closed doors plotting against the people. Agenda 21 plans are to create fear ,lockdown, vaccinate and depopulate.For humanity sake I hope I'm wrong .
    What do you think?

  6. Most of Victoria has allowed Daniel Andrews to make them fear the air. Stand for nothing, fall for anything. I’d expect nothing less of such a leftist city.

  7. Lockdown is government training for coronavirus chip mandatory implementation. Chemtrails contain nanobots, that will be used to fuse an unknown young human fetus in the coronavirus vaccine to change our dna rna. These nanobots are powered by electromagnetic waves origin from the 5G network.

    These nanobots, or smart dust, as Julian would say, are nanobots already in our bodies that can be controlled and powered by 5G, the microwave signal, and will rewrite our dna/rna in effect merging our human genome into what the fetus will be, a cloned entity of unknown origin, which is nothing short of being in biblical proportions. These nanobots, dormant in non 5G networks, can be programmed to develop new viruses and diseases internally in our bodies to anyone, anywhere in the world provided they have a connection to the internet or wifi.

    Monoatomic gold is contained, (or the elements required for transhuman dna rna molding) within the vaccine itself, which when activated would allow a micro-dimensional portal reaction, allowing an opening to occur within our bodies not just merging the fetus with our dna/rna at a atom level, but at the correct temperatures, nominal frequencies will fuse with the monatomic gold's unique characteristics which are active at higher temperatures, (will levitate and disappear altogether from this world). This gelling of the three primary elements will allow another dimensional spirit to be allowed a portal opening internally into our human bodies, effectively a reincarnation or possession of the soul.

    This temperature increase required could be generated with microwave frequencies, (5G) or by the nanobots themselves as they would be active with crystal technologies, as with current battery crystal battery tech, (Evon Musk). Monatomic gold can be created by the conversion of mercury in our bodies, acidic water, and other elements contained naturally in our bodies, (the gathering of these elements performed by the nanobots at roughly 1mm hr within our bodies), or gathered from other sources (for example a mercury tooth filling very close to gold's element structure as used as a raw element). Nanobot asssemblers will re write our dna rna as per instruction via the 5g 6g network, (ie phone, internet, tablet, smart Tv) but possible in theory by our power meters. The patent number is wo2020 060606 and Gates other businesses investments are in all relevant applicable areas of interest, and unimaginable profit and control.

    We will become human no longer, but a merger of the unknown fetus, an unknown spirit, and an unknown DNA RNA, with our every movement, currency, immune system, Identification, and soul no longer under our control, but in the hands of private organizations such as Darpa, Fema, and the elite whoever they are but we know WHO they are don't we….their is hope, but limited.

  8. 1 hour ago


  9. I saw last night that current stated total World Wide Deaths due to Covid19 was said to be 475,000 people. There are many people, including Doctors, researchers and administrators of Medical Schools and Hospitals that dispute the numbers. Some even say the numbers are half what is claimed. The 1918 Flu killed around 50 Million people. Say current actual deaths are around 300,00 world-wide. Just consider that we have nearly destroyed the world's economy and democracies for less than 1% (0.6%) of the deaths in1918. Where we did not treat people like the novel 1984. Just think about that when you abuse someone for not wearing a mask.

  10. Governments dont care about us when will everybody wake up and see this agenda is direct from the god of this world satan and all his followers , by default anyone who hasnt given their lives to God ,Jesus Lord and Saviour belongs and is controlled by the darkside ,dont fear corona a simple flu ,fear God and your sin that will destine you to eternal seperation from God and the beautiful place called Heaven, satan is pissed off coz he is unredeemable and will never be back in Heaven, Fear God and hell ,most people dont even believe in hell The bible is true , try get your head around eternity , a billion years in hell and your not one second closer to its end. Put your faith in Jesus He is the only answer. See kat kerr for revelation of Heaven. And 23 minutes in hell by bill weisse. God says He sends strong dellusion to those who reject the Truth. Hence covid and this huge lie.

  11. First the pandemic was no more than the flu. Then it was a left conspiracy. Now the country is a disaster and we should all go back to work early, people getting this virus be damned. Social distancing is idiocy? The scientist conspiracy again. Stop listening to these fools. Alan Jones said he had to stop because of medical advice. Just another lie by a Karen out for his own benefit.
    Sky is the propaganda machine of Rupert Murdoch to make him richer using sickophants to his cause.

  12. And ask yourselves this……do you, or people you know, actually know anyone who has been tested positive with covid? And if you do, were they sick? Or if they died, what was there age and other pre-existing conditions. I don't know anyone who has had it, or know anyone who knows anyone who has had it, or know any doctors who have seen it in their clinics. I know for a fact that the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, one of our largest hospitals, has had no covid cases and empty wards. And we're supposed to be in a pandemic? I call BS.

  13. Everyone should start doing their own research and not trusting the mainstream alarmist reporting that is hijacking everyone's brains. Starting looking at some of the discussions and research by top medicos, scientists and epidemiologists overseas (look at UnHerd/Lockdown Tv for starters) who are doubting this whole 'perceived' crisis and the ridiculous and inhumane lockdown strategies. Knowledge is power, and potentially freedom……..so inform yourselves. If we don't speak out and have the courage do something, we are going to lose all our basic human rights, possibly for the rest of our lives. The evidence is evidence is piling up, this covid virus appears to be a big con and a power grab. And it's exploiting the average 'good, honest and decent ' person in thinking they're doing the right thing by complying and wearing masks, etc. Wake up everyone!!!

  14. Corona was a way of avoiding the largest global market crash in history. We have known that a crash wash due. In 2019 it was over due to when the experts (some of which predicted 2008) were saying it would happen. And then in 2020 a "new" man made virus hits, and even though the people read between the lines and could see the death toll was far lower than that of the flue, still the lockdown continued. If you were to think of a way that would protect medium and large business from going out of business from the stock markets crashing and credit streams ending, you could not make a more effective way of doing it than rolling out "corona virus".

  15. The virus symbol is to take away Australia's identity and to make muslims, blackAfricans and Indians – 300,000 a year being imported under the guise of HUMANITARIAN intake… feel like they own the place when the symbol means NOTHING to anybody.

  16. What do you propose Allan Jones that the government not help people who are already struggling as you sit your fat ass on your millions ? And love how you bring Rudd and Gillard into it. You fat greedy fuck

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