14 thoughts on “Preppers And Homesteaders Are Missing This!!”
  1. Totally agree the husband and I started fasting last August we usually do OMAD and it’s been great now if we could only make or 3, 5 and 7 yr old boys fast!!
    Luckily they aren’t fast food addicts !!
    Actually it’s not luck we have chosen not to raise them that way, anyway great advice!! Thank you!!

  2. my wife's grandmother would say "you should always leave the table a little bit hungry". she died from complications from a broken hip…at age 104! Think she was on to something?

  3. Pure stupidity, yes we are capable of fasting yes however is it a good idea to do unless you have to hell no.

    Fasting also causes a large number of health issues including your immune system been compromised.

  4. Spot On! I’ve been doing Keto 20/4 OMAD fasting since January. I do a 48 hr fast about once a month. Such great health benefits! Best I’ve felt in decades! 😎👊🏻❤️👍🏻

  5. I've been doing 48s for the past couple weeks now. Luckily I've been putting on weight for a powerlifting cycle so I have enough extra weight to easily transition to prolonged 3-5 day fasts for a good while. For those who are worried about work capacity while fasting, I find that once you're adapted, cardiovascular endurance and focus peaks when fasted. I do 5 hour boxing sessions completely fasted. As long as your work intensity is high, no one needs to worry about muscle withering away. Pro tip is to add salt and potassium to water. Keeps your electrolytes balanced and you'll feel how much it cleans up brain fog.

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