September 17, 2021


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President Trump on #ExposeCNN: "I think the guys at Project Veritas have done a tremendous service"

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37 thoughts on “President Trump on #ExposeCNN: "I think the guys at Project Veritas have done a tremendous service"

  1. They're [MSM] teaching US all how to self censor, remain quiet and be AFRAID. When you claim to be a student of Sun Tsu you don't lose your FIRST challenge.

    Always be on alert for "JUDAS GOATS" leading US all into the hands of the oppressors!

  2. Whether you like him or hate him, we have to give credit to Trump for revealing just how deep the establishment swamp is.
    Mainstream media, Big Tech, Giant Corporations, and members of Congress from both Republican and Democrat side are all part of the swamp. This union of Government and Corporation, also called Crony Capitalism, is hell bent on keeping the people divided through identity politics, while these Rich Elites and Politicians continue to get wealthier.
    George Carlin put it best when it said "It's a big club, and you ain't in it". Trump has made so many people realize the threat of the Swamp that plagues our nation, and is trying to destroy our freedom of speech, 2nd amendment, and life, liberty, and property.

  3. Talk about a COUP!!!
    Look at the CHURCH COMMITTEE that showed the CIA in US NEWSROOMS!!!
    Look what they did to TRUMP!!! Anderson Cooper, the son of a BILLIONAIRE family interned at the CIA… FACT!!!
    Congress need to take HOLD of these ROGUE ASS FEDERAL AGENCIES!!! FBI, CIA, ATF, CDC!!!!

  4. If they plat dirt it time you do same to level play field…. Media is not above the law and invincible even with 230… Corporate Espionage and whistleblowing are the ways to go to fight illegal/moral questionable activities …

  5. I been telling people for 16-20 years that MSM is TRASH and PROPAGANDA so imagine the shocked look on my face….right again huh….think I would tire of being right all the time.

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