April 10, 2021


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Press Sec. ENDS Eric Swalwell's Whole Career

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44 thoughts on “Press Sec. ENDS Eric Swalwell's Whole Career

  1. The Criminal Hunter Biden will be in jail, the corrupt criminal and his family are traitors to America!
    The criminal corrupt Biden family just wants a new Chimerca Utopia! And the corrupt criminal dems help them!
    Dems have been killing Americans, Burning down cities for months!

  2. Kelly, please don`t forget Kissinger? Nixon's meeting with Mao, very secretive, Swalwell is a lackey for the deep state nd Nacy is their lackey spokesman. So much for the MSM hone4sty, they are controlled

  3. Eric Swalwell,,,The Spy Who Loved Me💞
    Kayleigh is right, Eric Swalwell must be investigated way back to 2014. Not Russia Disinformation. Well stated Kayleigh 👍💪♥️

  4. Irresponsible propagandist reporters like Acosta are basically the Heinrich Himmlers of the American press. Literally Demoncrat swamp water leaks from his mouth every time he opens it.

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