April 21, 2021


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Press Sec. Has PERFECT Response When Reporter Asks Trump's Rallies

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41 thoughts on “Press Sec. Has PERFECT Response When Reporter Asks Trump's Rallies

  1. People getting virous with mask on or off.a mask only has 25% protection. If you dont cover your eyes and nose the virous can go thue your eyes also you stupud itotes!

  2. The POTUS doesn't require masks because he's not a Democrat dictator. And these idiots don't realize that COVID 19 isn't AIDS and is very survivable. Did they ask these questions to Obama about H1N1? BTW, 200K deaths is not even 1% of our population, geez.

  3. These are like vultures and scavengers who skulk around their prey. They are not seeking to inform the people they want to put fear into the minds of the people. Pure hateful enemies of the people not journalists at all.

  4. I am so sick of the whole Maskerpiece Theater! 🤯 tired of going along on any level. Even tolerance for the ignoramuses who wear them. Masks are stupid, imbecilic, dehumanizing, health impairing, utterly degenerate. We've got to stop this nonsense or be mentally ill for years to come.

  5. When will these freaks actually ask a valid and worthy question of this presidency? I haven't heard one yet come out of a whole pool of idiots! Like how many fake reporters does it take to mislead the American public? I guess it depends on how many listen to their propaganda. Useless. It's a shame they can't find any real items of concern. Kayleigh must get tired of speaking to room of hot air.

  6. Great questions coming from the so-called journalists! instead of asking important questions such as why are American cities burning or why has an antifa member arrested on arson released and then arrested for five more arsons or just about any other decent question that could be asked. No they're asking about a mask and why does the president give a hopeful speech and does he regret it. Idiots…this woman is the most prepared person I've ever heard and earns every penny she makes. she deserves a raise

  7. President should have down played it, it's not the killer that these idiots up play it. 94 perfect of these so called covid-19 deaths are fake. If you had a bit of a flu 2 or 3 months ago and ended up dying dying of a heart attack because your 100 lbs over weight, Bam!! Another covid-19 death. What you bleeding heart liberals need to be asking is why are hospitals allowed to steal millions of tax payer dollars from the federal government. This is the biggest scam in the history of the world

  8. Media are like hyenas, attacking in groups, but individually they are weak pathetic bottom feeders with no loyalty. All they care about is lies, deceit, drama, corruption. They don't stand for anyone or anything except themselves.

  9. Covid 19 vaccine is produced

    Reporters : why has the trump administration help produced a vaccine that would, undoubtedly heal people afflicted with covid 19, when they could have just been left to die? The president is deliberately taking away peoples rights to die

  10. The bias and dishonesty is expected, the ineptitude is staggering. The DC Press Corp is dumb, absolute nitwits beholden to their Democrat marxist masters. Trump bad, no really, Trump bad. LOL

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